1. @shell7324 first, marijuana IS hemp. The name was altered during WW2, and it DOESN'T always get you "high" in at least two cases. Anslinger used "MARIJUANA" because he aimed at ending Hispanic votes.
    Smoking the male is a great way to quit tobacco without being stoned all day. And the medicines that Rick Simpson makes attacks the cancers and diseases without getting the patient high.
    In the "show more" right underneath the video is a maxwelldog connection.
    Kind'a messy, but, massive info


  2. @tnturtlegurl aha!
    A bonafide peace maker.
    Don't see enough of your kind aroungd the youtube. Too busy having an old man's attitude, I guess.
    Ah well.
    Such as life.
    Thanx for the compliment.
    (you're not the turle gal from buzzfeed, are you? She used to jump my case when I would step out of line.)


  3. Yup, dude, that website uses outdated studies. Some even take place before the 80's LOL! Except for Dr. Melamede. I'll give you that. It's miniscule, but it deserves applause. *Clap
    So, I'm off. You really need to get an education concerning the cannabinoids. It's not that hard, kid.

  4. @MisterBoneman I know. You've also expressed your opinion, which shows that "cannabis oil cures all cancers instantly". Some of the sources in that website are outdated. You know, I usually go for .org, .edu, and .gov sources. Not crappy ".com" sources. What a shame…You can't even understand that I'm trying to help you understand the science of how THC kills cancer cells! Glad the older generation is dying out, along with their ignorance! Not really, old people. I love you to pieces!!!

  5. @starbobpizza I always find it a shame when a person says stuff without KNOWING what they're talking about.
    For example…
    one more time…
    Pull the information page (under the ideo) and see if there are annt links.
    One will say it's maxwelldog's WordPress.
    Go there and SEE if I have any idea of what you're saying.
    Don't be afraid to learn new things….

    And then have the good grace to return with an apology.
    Nothing SHORT of an apology will do, either, thank you.

    Kids today!

  6. @MisterBoneman It is a shame. Have you heard of Rick Simpson's hemp oil? Have you watched an educational video? If not, then learn some terminology before you show your ignorance. I'm just saying that doesn't make you look good >>
    Especially when someone is trying to clarify something for you.

  7. @starbobpizza Can you imagine for a moment, all those idiotic health nuts laying around in hospice beds in the end, dying of nothing!?

    You are a male (because breast cancer can attack young women, too)
    You are young, (because no thought or worry about getting the prostate cancers when older.)
    Or you're too rich to pay attention to several other facts that you are ignoring completely because you think you can BUY your way out of trouble.
    say that to yourself, often

  8. @MisterBoneman You literally didn't comprehend what I said, did you? That's ok. I'll reiterate. Cannabis oil can cure certain forms of cancers, but it can only suppress others. Still, the suppression of those cancers that only express one type of Cannabinoid receptor can still cure it, but it will take a long time. Breast cancer expresses, in general, CB2 receptors. Prostate cancers, in general, also express CB2 receptors. It's not like they don't have CB1 receptors, but it's just not as many.

  9. @starbobpizza Well then, let's just tighten that description up a little bit,
    are you a woman?
    Breast Cancer.
    Are you a man?
    Prostate Cancer.
    Skin Cancer as well as melanomas are one thing. Another is that it improves the memory of Alzheimer patients (men and women) as well as relieves the shakes from MS and Cerebral Palsy.
    That it happening in our lifetimes is really great! Can you imagine what the future will say about us, now!?
    Sure beats being called warmongers!


  10. Cancer is a broad statement. Also, cancers have different expression levels of the G-protein coupled receptors, called the cannabinoid receptors. It can definitely cure certain form of cancers, such as skin cancer. Still, we're not entirely positive with other cancers. The reason why melanoma cells are so easy to kills is that they overexpress both CB1 and CB2 receptors. Thus, it will be that much easier for the THC to kill the cancer cell.

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