1. Unsafe? No, Danger? No, Expensive? No, Does it Works? yes ….So You tell me this is illegal… Well they see chemical Healing sh** pretty going down with this "new" healing way… Our government sucks.

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  3. Another thing chemo does is fry your brain and afterwards you are never quite the same. Again this is especially true of children and causes all sorts of problems they don`t tell you about. I am for complete decriminalization of mj. Some people want it controlled. Why. So the gov can cause more problems. No, it should be treated just like any herb. If the gov wants to be involved, they can educate people why it should not be smoked. If they want to get high, they can heat it some other way.

  4. You are right! People do die from chemo, especially children.
    Marijuana does not need to be made into hemp oil to get rid of cancer. You can eat the leaf raw, perhaps juicing it or drying the plant and putting it in capsules, etc. Making hemp oil with alcohol may not be harmful to the environment but surely with a lot of people doing that it could causes a lot of environment problems, I think. If I had a plant, I would want to put some of it in sandwiches as a preventative.

  5. Yes i'm mad just because I heard they said this shit was illegal….I was going to tell my step dad to go with my mom….. he has colon cancer…I want my mom and step dad to have a happy life not a life of not caring because his kids gave up on him ; im tired of seeimg my mom cry when she don't know what to do and seeing my step dad throwing up and doing accidents….

  6. I agree with you, but that won't happen any time soon. This whole world is being ruled by rich people. They won't let you cure from something you have grown in your own backyard.

  7. Fuck you RCMP! Stop kissing Harper's ass and put some rapists in jail rather than ruining people's lives. Cannabis in all forms should be legal, and it should be everyone's CIVIL RIGHT to obtain it and use it in a matter in which they prefer.

  8. the THC is part of the cure if i'm correct. THC can be turned into CBD wich has no side effects for many medicinal purposes. The oil used is stamped (not stirred!?!) out of the plant itself. Mixed with THC (as far as i know and what's being told to me) it's to be made. That has full power from the hemp plant. There should be some vids around on youtube about CBD and how-to-make-hemp-oil. Be sure to watch one wich "stamps" it, as it's oil should be forced out of the plant to get useful oil.

  9. the male is the one used for the cure ?
    it should not matter if its male or female. just depends on the strain. what about hermaphrodite plants ? all the cannabis on this planet is the result of cross breeding, from industrial hemp for products to privately grown for medicine and smoking.

  10. im not sure about the laws where you are ,
    but PURE HEMP with NO THC is legal everywhere as far as i know. its the THC the makes it illegal and gives people the HIGH . we have HEMP fields here in canada and its used for cereal , animal feed , oils and fibers . its just not as popular as it should be. hemp is in my cereal : )

  11. As you do i can totally agree with you. Here in the netherlands you can buy it still. It's totally unfair (as we sold New Amsterdam to someone. It became New York after a $100 trade, in history). By this, the US should be "based" on a Dutch foundation, if i'm right. So you should have the same laws as we have, don't you think?
    Anyway, the US had a HUGE propaganda in WW1 or WW2 wich asked every citizen to plant and grow HEMP for the better. Look it up. They posted that it was the "great green"

  12. lol. HEMP == cannabis == maijuhana or whatever you internationals call it.
    In holland we call it Hennep. Just name it HEMP, it's the real name. As the plant it self. It's a mistery that this plant has so many properties. there is no other plant alike not 1 that has 2 of the hemp plants properties. It's not from this planet. "Hemp the alien green." I'ts god in a green skin.

  13. and i agree with you , cannabis would put MANY toxic product off the shelves and probably make the world a better place with its uses. its the most useful plant in the world. but when i say governments – i mean the people who make the decisions = corporations. like you said, the RICH people that profit from harming others.

  14. money brainwashes everyone, just like the media does. They just allow you speaking out loud on youtube and fb because it's misleading having too much different information. Do you own research, make sure to see-is-believe only with your own eyes. Empower your inner god. Enlighten yourself. (do you get it?)

  15. be careful wat you say. I'm not thinking it's actually the government. But somewhat rich people, that only want to get richer. In fact, selling "junk" (docter pills) is much more provitable, and it keeps people to work. That in fact helps the economy grow, and keep you off the self-made-healing-hemp. Not only that. Hemp can be used for: oil, fuel, plastic, smoking, baking, butter, rope, and it grows almost ANYWHERE

  16. most cannabis is natural besides the shit people use to grow it, its just been cross bred so many times over the decades that the potency has increased dramatically, but still have its natural properties, but i was actually wondering recently ,
    if government is creating GMO food that gives rats tumors and makes hamsters infertile (monsanto) , can they do the same with cannabis? could it be their reason for legalizing in USA ? to kill people …

  17. " we " cannot do anything , we have no control over what the government decisions are , they are not in charge of things.
    corporations are . the wealthiest people are ( Rockefeller , Rothschild ect.) but you are right, money and power does corrupt, scientific study was done, its more addictive then cocaine…

  18. It's cannabis oils, there are quite a few videos on here covering it but you can also pick up tons of citatable information at cannabinergy(dot)com, which is ran by guys as educated and respected as Dr. Lester Grinspoon.

  19. If we want to take the government back then we need to start accepting the fact that the government isn't some non-human entity, it is us, we are them. Power corrupts, money changes people and everyone knows it. So why do we continue to separate ourselves from our governments if we lay claim to wishing to remain in a democratic society?

  20. I've been loooking for alternatives and found several but knew nothing about hemp oil. Anyway, can't seem to find any harmful sideffects, no poisoning or anything, why wouldn't it be used? In my opinion it doesn't matter if this can help or not as long as there is even a small chance that it may work, and especially if it causes no harm?

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