Libertarian leader offers “right” approach to marijuana legalization

Holly Nicholas of The Rebel.Media reports: Is legalizing marijuana a contentious issue amongst right wingers? Libertarian Party of Canada leader Tim Moen …


  1. Remember folks. The Liberals (William Lyon Mackenzie King) banned Indigenous cultural practice and use of Marijuana during the time Parliament was trying to force indigenous people to assimilate, while eradicating their culture.
    Now the Liberals are trying to legalize it under their control.

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  3. Why can't we have the right and freedom of choice? I'm a right-wing conservative Christian and even I support the legalization of marijuana. I don't think the plant itself is inherently bad..not at all. It even has proven medical properties. And even if it is used for getting high instead, it's still not a bad thing as long as you're over the age of 21. To be honest… it doesn't make much sense to me why pot is so easily hated while people hypocritically do worse things all the time. You don't have the moral highground if you are someone who smokes cigs addictively and habitually or if you're someone who drinks more than once or twice a year. I definitely see a hivemind mentality in the rightwing circle with this subject. It's hard to admit our side does it too but we do sometimes.

  4. Why on Earth criminalize cannabis, but keep alcohol legal? Alcohol has far greater costs to any society and is itself the ultimate gateway drug. This is a big fundamental difference between conservatives and libertarians: Conservatives simply cannot stop forcing everyone else in society to conform to their own particular tastes.

  5. When a person who has ADHD gets medicated they basically are getting speed. When a person with ADHD takes speed it slows their brain down. Cannabis is similar, in the sence that people with this type of brain wiring will perform better in every area with less forgetfulness and confusion or racing thoughts.

    This is something to consider when judging people who use this medically. Some people will actually drive better with it. Anotger thing to consider is that people who get too messed up to drive on it, aren't smokers anyway. They can't enjoy it because they dont really need it to feel improvement so they don't.

    People who are cannabis lovers tend not to drink as much as non smokers. At least in my experience.

  6. The "right" approach is for it to stay illegal do some research and your realize that there are many reasons that it should happen instead of should if you gonna make a claim at least have facts to back it up

  7. As far as no one goes to jail for smoking weed, again you are mistaken, where I live all DUI'S are posted so they are record public, look it up easy Google search, over fourth of July 23 arrested for suspicion of DUI 19 for alcohol 3 for suspicion of marijuana and 1 for methamphetamine, just picked the first link
    So cops can and do test for all drugs that would impair a driver .
    And once again your statements don't pan to be true. So really who is dishonest here? all my facts check so far, let's see none of the statements you've made have been backed by anything other then what you typed. I'll give you links and quotes all day long and everyone of them are facts you can Google and find. Oh and a common factor to the rise in drinking after prohibition was attributed to WW1, as was the war one of the suspected reasons for the rise in cirrhosis, as was the way they were making alcohol, people actually went blind from drinking the hooch, see that's an example of passive aggressive arguing
    damn I'm good.
    Woot woot

  8. First and foremost it isn't whether you grow or use cannabis or industrial hemp, it is what measure of THC you are talking about.
    Whithout THC content being the conversation point you have no meaningful statement and don't know what you are talking about.
    Industrial Hemp has no meaningful level of THC, it's actually a result of DNA.
    Cannabis can have levels from near 0 to 30% by dry weight.
    So you can see calling Hippy Disappointment ( CBD ) Marijuana isn't just wrong it's actually supporting the continued bans on medical CBD and the growing of Industrial Hemp. This intentional confusion is promoted by corporations and drug dealers.
    They are glad to have you on their side.

  9. If the people here listened that it has so many medicinal values. And if someone is getting stoned. Who tf cares. Especially if they have a medical card. They aren't hurting anyone like you alcoholics are

  10. Legalize it or not I don't really care much about pot. The thing, with at least a fair number of libertarians, that gets me is abortion, open borders, and defense . I hear the libertarians say things that I agree with when it comes to taxes certain freedoms or the " welfare state" but other times, well…………

  11. Politians are against Marihuana because this drug makes it difficult to control minds. If you laugh about someone trying to control you, he is going to have a hard time to succeed…

  12. Store owners and producers of a product simply cant flourish if they are not providing a safe and effective product? like cigarettes? Yeah, that's my "medicine" that was also once promoted.

  13. I had a very revealing conversation with psychiatric doctor in the 1980's London when I was sectioning a patient. He advised then that Cannabis causes psychosis …… eventually in everyone that uses

  14. The "majority" put their personal desire to legalize before simple public safety – the idea of legalization before there's even a medically verifiable test to prove people are driving stoned is goddamned stupid and nothing but self important. People drive stoned and are a threat on the roads today – making pot even more accessible is going to increase impaired driving exponentially. You morons forget, pot takes away personal inhibitions…you do things you wouldn't otherwise; so the suggestion that people simply "won't" drive stoned because they know better is nothing more than blind idiocy.

  15. Why stop with pot though? Why not hash oil, hashish? And all the other drugs ….what is the difference? All of these drugs ? The medical approach is horse shit most people who want it legalized want it so they can blow the smoke right in a cops face. Here is my proposition ….legalize everything drugs, gay marriage ,prostitution , beastiality, incest , abortion on demand ….but eliminate the entire welfare state and allow private fro profit healthcare into the country to compete with our socialized medicine , as well allow open carry ,concealed led carry , private property rights , the right to defend your property your life and your family as well as your neighbor should their lives be in danger … well allow religious folks the ability to teach their kids about the world from their point of view homosexuality is a sin ect ect drugs are bad so on and so forth ….then you will see the true face of humanity.

  16. I look at it no differently than alcohol. What I would like to see are more measures in place to screen for and deal with people who are over some defined legal limit. I don’t want to see more death and destruction on the roads.

  17. My primary concern is people operating vehicles, heavy machinery or safety process under the influence. Roadside testers and intoxication levels need to be established and in place before legislation to decriminalize. Currently zero is the limit allowed as it is illegal.

  18. Marijuana is a terrible thing. The degenerates who consume it are likely to relax on their couch and watch tv, or even worse, play video games! Marijuana is the gateway to even worse things, like Taco Bell. Pot smokers are known to cackle maniacally, like Beavis and Butthead, as they brutally murder bag after bag of innocent potato chips. The last time that I smoked weed, my bloodlust was insatiable as I played 6 hours of an online first person shooter and drank nearly a gallon of Mountain Dew. It was a dark period in my life…..

  19. If pot's illegal, then people won't have legal means of treating addiction. You know the whole reason people want it illegal in the first place. Criminalizing pot doesn't solve it's intended purpose and legalizing it DOES solve the problem while allowing it to be used for other purposes, like medically. Plus criminalizing anything gives the black market a monopoly which makes it more dangerous.

    Just make it illegal to sell it to minors, criminalizing minor use would have the same negatives as total decriminalization

  20. the government will grow and sell weed and the people will have to buy it from the government . ps you will never grow pot as long as the government wast to sell it

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