KIKASO EP09: People on Legalizing Weed | जनता र गाँजा

Kikaso’ is a vox pop (street interview) show where we explore the raw views and opinions of the society on various matters. For the 9th Episode, We hit the …


  1. 99 % of my frns who smoked weed were drug addict later in their life and still some are struggling with their recovery…speaking from my experience of smoking weed from 2005-2014..marijuana should be legalized but only for adults beyond age 21… because kids can mis use weed due to their immaturity and are probable to follow drug trail thats sure…and if u think weed can give you relief from depression then either you are a wannabe ganja smoker who frequently posts legalize weed in fb but pukes after two hit of grass or never had one, instead it amplifies your depression and you feel like you are trapped u r nobody you feel you are worthless..but having said that if you are a distinguished and need a recreational substance then smoking ganja in a limit sure adds flavour in what u r doing…and Kids below 20 i strictly contradict u guys to smoke weed in the name of concentration in studies.

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