Joe Rogan Experience #858 – Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura is a former Navy SEAL, professional wrestler, actor, political commentator, author, and politician who served as the 38th Governor of Minnesota …


  1. Jesse Ventura got knocked on his ass by Chris Kyle for talking SEDITION against his own country. He then sued the Widow of Kyle for his telling the story in his book: American Sniper.

  2. You had my respect until you threw our creator under the bus ..I've spent my life knowing he exists in ways you both cannot comprehend but that's ok because you didn't seek him out nor do you know everything except world system shit around yourself… good luck when you give thanks to your self and realize that God gave you life for a reason other than what you ignorantly believe in and all you had to do was believe in truth that by the way is proven without any doubt through history horus is a story taken from Greek mythology and his story was elaborated because of christ the whole affair of government comes from God and Israel imagine that…

  3. About the bit where they discuss converting to christianity on your deathbed: I think this is a false dichotomy.

    The universe is more vast and more mysterious than we could ever even begin to comprehend, so no, "total darkness" and "heaven/hell" are NOT the only two options!

    We don't know what happens after death, so it could be ANYTHING.
    My favorite concept is: what if what is happening to you is determined by what you believe will happen? If you believe there will be darkness, then you'll experience darkness. If you believe you cease to exist, then you'll cease to exist. If you believe you'll restart your life retaining all your memories (New Game +), then you get to restart your life with all your memories.

    The point is: the possibilities are ENDLESS!

  4. My aunt was a Gardener in Cleveland and Los Angeles in the 1970s.
    My aunt made 70 dollars an hour before the illegal hatefilled aliens came to America and worked for 50 cents a day. Say hell no to economic slavery.

  5. Hey Joe whats up the reason fluoride in the water is because its a waste product from the production of fertilizer its so toxic eat will eat through concrete they can't put it in the ocean because it would kill all the ecological systems they don't give a fuck about us

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