Jesse Ventura’s ‘Marijuana Manifesto’

Jesse Ventura joins The Doctors to discuss his new book ‘Marijuana Manifesto,’ how marijuana has helped his wife’s life, and his beliefs on legalization.


  1. I understand the doctors apprehension, however, marijuana is the oldest known plant that our brain receptors are somehow attuned for it? I think if there were any more absolute proof of a loving and caring creator, that left us with a plant that can both feed us and cloth us, in the medicinal form, cure us of many things, and with supervised entertainment, give us euphoria for a time.

  2. So well base it on a tiny number of severe cases and yet the opposite is true with cigarettes and we never raise a finger. So until we start doing this prohibition can suck on my nut sack.

  3. David Toma, a former police officer and boxing champion of the Marines, knows more about the dangers of marijuana in his little finger than Jesse Ventura and other proponents of marijuana know in their entire life experience. Go to youtube and watch "David Toma PBS 1983" to get the real story.

  4. Jesse Ventura is just a big loud macho marine… I didnt think that young white guy on the panel had any balls but I give him props for firing back at him. The mans absolutley lost his mind

  5. we the people did not make it illegal the government did the government cant balance the budget yet they want to tell me what i can do..its BULL NOw THEY GET TAX DOLLARS FROM IT WHICH MEANS MORE MONEY IS DISAPPEARING ..THE ONLY REASON THE LEGALIZE IT IS SO THEY CAN FUNNEL MORE MONEY INTO THEIR POCKETS ..PRETTY SIMPLE

  6. Main doctor is such a shill. There's literally no debate anymore. It should be legal across the board. It's just like alcohol. They're worried about kids getting it but when you need to be 21 to get it it's harder for younger people to get. Even so, I'd rather kids be smoking weed than drinking and driving and acting like an asshole. There's no argument anymore. The scare tactics don't work. What about kids who get into their parents liquor cabinet and drinks a full bottle? That would actually kill you. If you eat a shit load of weed you'll be fucked up but you won't die and you'll be fine the next day. They don't want it fully legal because it cuts into the 3 main things in this country. Alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical pills. I literally quit all those by smoking weed again. And I'm still on some pills but I'm weaning off as of now. No more people telling me what i should and shouldn't do when they're just in it for the money. I love how Jesse shut down that fake "doctor". How do you run an emergency room and film TV show every day of the week. I guarantee you that he's not a real doctor but a paid for actor by big pharma.

  7. Why does it matter what people choose to do to THEMSELVES, its there choice. If its your first time smokjng high powered weed then the affects will be significant. To say you were halucinating after you ate an edible is quite a stretch. Some people don't know what that word means, so they say whatever comes to there mind to describe something.

    If you haven't tried it before then you can't knock it. You can't just uae someone else's testimony to back your claims.

  8. I have never had a "horrific" experience on it even when I've had "too much". Not long ago I had to have help getting up off the sofa though. I did lean how many puffs to take for MY optimum buzz. Alcohol is an ADULT beverage and this is also an adult product.

  9. The only pot that will make you hallucinate is pot laced with something else. I've been smoking grade A pot for 50 years and I have NEVER had hallucinations from any of the many different varieties of pot and I have NEVER known anyone else to either.
    Want to see some of their really OLD brainwashing? WATCH THIS tripe!:

  10. When something is illegal drug dealers sell it because of the effort to obtain it if something is legalized the money that’s made is less, regardless children getting access to drugs happens regardless if legal or not, it is about education and parenting.

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