1. I'd like to be clear. I am a lung surgeon. Weed is not an insta kill like cigarettes are, but ANYTHING THAT IS SMOKED CREATES CARBON PARTICLES THAT STICK TO AND CLOG UP YOUR LUNGS. It is not the weed or tobacco. It is the smoke

  2. So most have No filter? Honourable educated experts… part has innumerable amount of benefits I forget but like in the late 80s I believe it was 87% of a cigarette was not even tobacco was fillers what a woven web we weave when we practice to deceive

  3. So there are Docs that Prescribe dank weed to cancer Patience tO help the cancer calm down but this Quack doctor is saying that is can cause cancer this dude must be on some good a crack if he thinks that

  4. 33 chemicals, hmmmmm grew weed in my back yard n yeah no chemicals, depends on the crossbreeding n shit for the potency but yes some have chemicals, and bongs/water pipes filter out a lot of the bad stuff so these mfs are gooffyyyyyyy

  5. I'm not saying weed is good but it isn't worse then cigarettes. Because a stoner maybe smokes 3/4 joints a day and a cigarette smoker smokes like 20 cigs in one day wich damages your lungs more then 3 or 4 joints

  6. Video title should be: drug dependent marijuana users who refuse to believe weed can cause any harm at all and is the answer to all their problems get upset in comments section. Their lives revolve around weed. It’s their personality. They can’t go long without it. Don’t get upset when the facts don’t agree. People are looking out for you with love!

  7. I love how they are only saying this cause they don't smoke and only have negative things to say whereas if they actually did it and realised that it's not that bad they would have better things to say

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