Is CBD Oil Legal In Australia? Medical Marijuana – CBD no THC Should Be Made Legal In Australia

Is CBD Oil Legal in Australia? Medical Marijuana is it legal in Australia? CBD Oil with no THC should be legal and easily accessed by Australians. The health …


  1. Guess who has a big sticky finger in all this? Big Pharma. ("the biggest crooks there are" -Naom Chomski-) Marihuana and all its derivates can easily replace 100 different medicines. The only reason why it was out-lawed in the first place was cold hard cash. Nothing else. Fight for your right to take care of yourself my dear Ozzies. Warm regards from the Netherlands. (the pre historic legislation here is pretty fckd up, as well, b.t.w!)

  2. CBD oil should be readily available. The health benefits and cost savings to our budget would be enormous. I can't understand the Governments deciding what people use to help their aliments. Big pharma sucks us all dry.

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