Illinois Craft Growers Applications – How to get a license to grow weed in Illinois

Here’s everything you need to know to get your craft growers license in the great state of Illinois. We explain why the craft growers license is very complicated …


  1. I’m a grower in California and grow 200 plants every 2.5 months and sell to dispensaries. Any idea on how likely I’d be to win a craft grower license? How many are applying. I easily have the funds, a great recipe, and a place in Illinois where I could grow. I seen that they have extended the deadline

  2. A craft grower doesn't have board members or employees. Everything you talked about is a corporate commercial grow. This is retarded and way over thought.
    A craft grower is one man or one woman with 25 to 50 plants, 100 at the most. Stupid beurocrats and politicians are over complicating and over thinking this.
    They probably did this by design to benefit their corporate buddies.

  3. so basically, as i understand it… in order to be a "craft grower" you basically need the funds of a fortune 500 company, government oversight, and an entire corporate structure in place… wow… just wow.

  4. I live in Iowa, right next door to Illinois. I wanted your personal opinion. Do you think the Illinois changes will help push Iowa to legalization? When do you think federally legalization will come into play for medical/recreational use?

  5. I will be applying but I'm having a hard time getting my taxes from 5 years Ago to prove residency. I have the capital. Still looking of a couple board members. Just need some guidance on how to prove my residency as the applicant but I have lived here for 5 years

  6. In your opinion do you think it is possible to get a craft growers license if your plan calls for growing outside, under the sun, like how most plants are grown? Most states that have legalized marijuana have lots of farms that only grow outside, but the verbiage in the Illinois bill sounds like they expect everyone to grow inside.

  7. Haha!!! If government ran itself this tight it would not be so broke and corrupt and hypocritical.. Smoke right, rest easy and sleep tight for your taxes will be high in the morning.

  8. So it's just another government hand out to a few ritch white men, Illinois so much for %100 organic OMRI farms. Really it looks much more easy to leave illinois and get licence in other legal state even with the cost involved.

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