How to Veg Cannabis Plants For Heavy Yields

The vegetative stage of growth is where a good majority of the work is put in to ensure your harvest is the best it can be. In this video, we break down our best …


  1. You guys make really helpful videos on great topics that are helpful for people of all skill level, but what I like the most about listening to 420 growers club is that you acknowledge female growers. Thank you for remembering us! Most grow videos are directed toward only men. No matter what gender bias youtube seems to have I know other ladies appreciate that you guys talk to us as well …..Shame on YOU-TUBE 🙂 Good job being inclusive guys

  2. Big fan of the videos guys!
    Could you please maybe do a video of “seed – harvest” with everything and all exacts included and how you guys do it?
    All the specifics/ measurements etc for first time growers thrown into one vid with explanations and visuals🤞🏾🙏🏽 I watch all of your videos but it’d be great to have a complete vid of everything thrown into 1 (for a newbie like me lol) just so it all comes together and makes sense – thanks again guys if you can – sorry to be a pain – appreciate all the vids 👊🏽✌🏽

  3. Don't you just hate it, when you pass a joint to a dude and he just sits there talking for a minute and a half before taking one half-assed puff before passing it back to you.?? I mean, if you're done smoking, just say so, instead of waisting it… 😆

  4. Hi guys… first time growing past 2nd week of veg stage. Started in a inside grow room got on amazon but plan to move outdoors, question is when and how to transition them and since we are in August now almost September should I hang led light above to add more light since now natural light does not exist for 16 hour time??

  5. Do you know about how tall plant’s should be before being thrown into bloom in a 4X4x8’? When should I be switching up the nutes, before or after switching up and how much more ppm should I add if any?

  6. I find keeping plants running makes them grow faster…. ex. Keeping your plants in larger pots… the moment your roots wrap and touch themselves, the plant sences it and will condense itself and grow slow..

    It's like if anyone here has grown out a mother plant that's been in a 3 gallon pot for like 3 months or longer. Well it gets used to being g root bound and will grow slow for the rest of its life. But anyways.. good luck people.

  7. Ya… you never train in flower..

    All I do in flower other than water, is a week 3 to 4 leaf strip of large water leaves… and I put the last set of stakes in at week 5, as late as week 7 on the 10 week sativas like my GG4. But those are the only moves i make in flower. And i try not to stress them at all and i also dont put alot of stakes in then, just the few more that i need, cause most plants are in 7 to 10 gallon pots and they will have 6 to 12 stakes in them and tied when i put them into flower.

    PRO TIP: Never put a stressed plant into flower. It will reduce your yeild. Flower time is not time to stress your plant at all… even the 3 week leaf strip, it may take up to 5 days to donit.. you dont strip the whole plant cause you'll stress it…. yes, some plants and genetics will take me pulling off 150 leaves from 1 plant and not street it at all, but I've had finicky genetics that do not want you to take more than 30 or 50 leaves in a day, and the plants are huge at week 3 of flower… 4 dt tall bushes.

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