How To Replace Troy Bilt Weed Wacker Line Replacing Weed Eater Wire Instructions

Guys, I’ve done this several times and have it down to a quick science now, so I made this video to share all the shortcuts I’ve learned with you so that you don’t …


  1. Thanks so much for this video. I spent over an hour yesterday trying to respool my trimmer. Your video allowed me to refill my trimmer in about 5 minutes today! Well done!

  2. Wonderful video. I personally do not own a Troy Bilt I own A 2cycle 25cc craftsman ( don"t recall the exact model,) but see that the spool unit is quit similar in design. I am not sure if these companies use, buy or build similar parts in there manufacturing or not. The only difference with this craftsman, is that you divide the line in half. about six feet each, and feed each of the two separate lines about 3 inches in each of the holes then twist it up.The Ryobi Models, and probably most other "two line "style weed trimmers seem to load the way your troy bilt loads the line in. I enjoy weed trimmers a lot , so thank you so much for your video! Take good care!

  3. You rock! Thank you so much. So informative and well covered. You answered questions we didn't even have yet. You gave so many great hacks! Your wife did a nice job on the camera coverage. Thank you again.

  4. Thanks man! I just had the head of my weed whacker changed, and the 1st time I went to put on new line I just haven’t been able to get the line on the spool! I’m gonna try it the way you’ve shown and hopefully I’ll be able to get it working again! The Troy Bilt video makes it look so easy, but it really isn’t!

  5. Thank you so much, the last time I did this I rapped each spool separately by hand. Line kept popping out, took me an hour and a half. It worked some how so when I ran out of line this time I was dreading it. Then I thought to check YouTube and found you. Took me 15 minutes and probably less next time. Thanks! You have a subscriber!

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