How to Make Cannabis Butter in the Oven!

This is my new favorite way to make cannabutter! You don’t have to worry about burning it on the stove, and there’s no messy water to deal with. See the written …


  1. Thank you I finally found a decent explanation in this process. I grow my own bud and I have a lot of trim but couldn't find any ways to make butter without a stove top. I am trying to make butter with about 90 grams but I only have a toaster oven, so this is definitely helpful and this should be an interesting process.

  2. I decarboxylate before I cook it in the butter. Plus I grind it up fine in a coffee grinder before I put it in the butter. Then I don't strain it when it comes out of the oven. I've only used the butter in baking after it's done. Adds a nice flavor to whatever you bake and you don't even know the powder is there.

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