How To Identify & Fix IRON Deficiency in Cannabis Plants

Today we discuss Fe Deficiency (iron) and how you can troubleshoot it. Our Sponsor Today – TNB Naturals: Grow Gear & Head shop: …


  1. Thanks man, I just realised my plant has iron deficiency. I thought it was yellowing like this because of the genetics. I'm using coco perlite as the medium and this seems to have a high pH by default, would you recommend using a lower than usual pH (<5.0) in the nute mixture to balance the medium pH? I also was over watering in the beginning.

  2. I switched to bottled water from tap water thinking it would've been better, now one of my plants has severe iron deficiency. So hopefully switching back to tap water and babying it will help it bounce back

  3. Randomly I have this going on .
    Wasnt 100% until I watched . Video was very helpful.
    Im thinking my issue may have been caused by too much nitrogen locking out iron uptake ? Does that make any sense to you ?
    May have corrected itself

  4. damaged has moved through the whole pland on 1-2 lats every set outdoor grow using potting mix ive over watered pland base is soaked i have poked drainage holes in the pot will my plant die?

  5. hey man im having this problem 9 days into seedling, first grow ever, im using promix hp and gaia green organics. was watering at around 6.5-6.8 thats likely what caused this? what should i ph around you think? also using ro water

  6. Hi Lex, I am a very new grower and I was hoping to seek your amazing knowledge. I left you a messenger message and some pictures of my very sad black valley ladies and was hoping you would have time to take a peek..! Thanks newbie T….!

  7. I'm not finish watching all your videos yet and i original started searching because i want to use cinnamon on my beauties. Your 1 on 1 packages have my interest as well . video's are great very informative and helpful….

  8. Great video Lex – from start to finish! Some other points that you and your viewers may find of interest. Iron aids in the conversion of CBG into THC-A so more iron availability will increase THC and lower CBD. Common chelates include EDTA, DTPA and EDDHA (in increasing order of expense and pH availability) – but all chelated forms necessitate a high amount of protonation from the plant in order to access the iron – and chelates can cause cell damage to young plants. The most cutting edge form of iron for plants is nano iron oxide – it’s passively uptaken at anything between pH 2.5 and 10 – and you’ll be seeing it in commercial fertilizer products over the next decade. If you would like to try some then reach out any time. ✊ Keep up the awesome work buddy.

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