How to get more female cannabis plants from seed. SUPER AWESOME GROWING TIPS!

cannabis seedling update. This is the 2nd day in soil for our hermaphrodite cannabis seeds. I’ve been running the Gods Gift hermie seeds for years and it has …


  1. You ever seen Jorge's harvest's? meh not all that. Sinsemilla Tips by Tom Alexander is a great one i started with. Guy also got busted for 1200 female plants back in the 80s so you know he's naturally got a greener thumb than most. All the newer methods of growing and training are better learned with video or in person.
    Dude look into making feminized seed. SEX IS GENETIC, Meaning the seeds are going to be a basic 50/50 split male to female for Darwinist reasons of continuing the species. If you get feminized seed, grow it and spray that plants flowers with colloidal silver and let the other girls near by enjoy her new appendages. The seed from that should produce no males since the pollen in the air is all female pollen (no Y chromosome) Most importantly keep the light on for 18 hours a day. it's vital to veg
    Your not going to PH your water and get females because of that. Put whatever amendment you want on it. worst case it'll lock up and stop growing. Interestingly you should be doing all of the things listed there regardless of what seed your growing from… Nitrogen is good at first because the plant needs that to grow, blue Light is great at first because it shorten the node spacing and forces the plant to focus on root development, Increasing humidity when there seeds is good because they don't have roots to drink with so they suck it from the air, keeping the moister level in the soil high at first is good because the same reason the seed has no roots to drink with.
    Don't think that by following the guidelines your gonna end up with a female. You really don't know the sex if your growing from normal seed and your just gonna have to wait till they flip to 12/12 to see gender. Males are typically very tall and vigorous in growth and have a larger node spacing so keep an eye on those ones in mid Veg.
    Man you should see if you can put it outside in a quiet part of the yard or something, cause your not going to be able to go from start to finish like this brother

  2. Just use more soil in the cups and poke some holes in the soil and make sure you use a fan. Where is your fan? And remember you can't use nutrients until they get taller and make sure you use organic soil. Also check out the Rev, for additional books to knowledge yourself

  3. Supposedly old blurple led tech was meant for astronauts growing in space not growing cannabis on earth and white light or blue light is best for cannabis both cycles including bloom that’s why all these new leds are crazy expensive and white 3500k lights I’m gonna try flowering with just my blue lights on and leave my reds off won’t be as powerful but night produce better buds

  4. Must be true cuz when I lived in NH it was cold I used blue daylight cfls and I was inexperienced and impatient so my soil was always wet and believe me or not I do t care I’ve grown about 20 plants in my life from seed and never popped a male and back then all I ever grew was bag seeds so they gonna be regular

  5. Dude, idk why/how that book actually got printed and spread amongst people as a "Cannabis GO to book" I've never even heard of it! Really cold water is especially bad for super young seedlings! It's shocking the system. There's a whole bunch of things I heard you read from that book that are DEFINITELY not smart with Cannabis cultivation. If your trying to convince the male/Hermie it's a "FEMALE" your playing with fire. Especially if you can't keep it separate and a really close eye on it! Even then it's not a Wise choice! I definitely wish you the best and happy growing. It's a learning process. Take care much love and respect from Canada.

  6. But I like this video it's still going to be informative to the community. I'd like to say when a girl has birth it's only natural to you know drink milk so who reads a book on that, lol your going to experience more then the book has to offer testing the book it's a must to pick up the working theories

  7. Horrible info man!!! jorge is a joke and all this crap about making them female is not possible or even scientific!! you really should learn to actually grow before making videos that mislead new growers when you don't even have enough experience to grow yourself!

  8. I have my email in my description if you ever want help or have any questions at all. Throw away that book also brother. Did you know more red spectrum makes plants grow larger with a bit more space between nodes. And blue light makes plants shorter and bushy.

  9. What you read to the camera makes absolutely no sense brother. Seeds are like a pregnant women you can’t tell the sex until it’s time or you can get the plant tested. Hermie seeds are more common in fem seeds

  10. DO NOT EVER FEED YOUR SOIL PLANTS lower ph than 6.2

    5.5-6.3 is for hydroponic reservoirs.
    Click the link in my description for a new grow bible that’s Free. Jorge Cervantes and subcool are misleading the entire community that’s the problem.

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