How to Expunge Your Record – National Expungement Week with Cannabis Equity Illinois Coalition

National Expungement Week is September 19 – 26! Alex Boutros and Mo Will from Cannabis Equity Illinois join to talk criminal justice reform and take us through …


  1. Any1 being behind bars for "that"(moving pounds on pounds) while it's legal is bull shit..I jus am stating I think tom u should of mentioned that &/or miggy420&/or I&/or any1else after ur guest on the bottom left said what she said

  2. Does this work for DUIs? In 2013 i agreed to do the blood/urine test so i could get my license back 6 months later (dumb move ) . Is it possible to get this removed from my record since i was not intoxicated? How much does expungment removal cost ? Thankyou for all the great info and wisdom .

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