How to Dominate the Cannabis Industry

So many people are in a rush to be proven right and be accepted … But the truth is, being underestimated and misunderstood is a massive advantage in …


  1. Having my boots on the ground during this time is interesting, I have a long runway. I am working on improving SOPs and hiring in people who want training to progress themselves towards their goals, so I can expand. I want to create change, and I need to network with everyone I can in this space.

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  3. One of my favorite @Garyvee episodes. I am in the cannabis space. Been here for over 10 years. Long term game. Looking for more content about marketing in the Canna space, hope you put more out!

  4. Fuck you asshole , your instagram weed selling business will get shut down in a heart beat , just give it a minute lol foolio, you will never compeat with the street , tottally out of your league here son

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