How SILICA Helps My Medical Marijuana Plants… I DON'T WANT TO GROW WITHOUT IT!

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  1. If my ph is to high it will cloud. If I bring the ph down a point before mixing it won't cloud. I'm using tap water ph 8 and 90 ppm out of the tap. I off gas for a few hours.

  2. Dude when experts say silica strength leafs etc. one does not have to look through a microscope there Mr wizzard ๐Ÿ™„. One can tell by the naked eye if leafs are thin or thick. Smh. lol thatโ€™s what they mean there genius

  3. I dont blame you bro, silica's results are clear as day with comparison and results, but they work better in conjunction to other nutrients, Soil benefits with this, natural silica instead of relying on a nutrient

  4. Silica does build the stems and I know it, because I use a Dope Scope from Amazon Prime about 25 bucks and up and when you harvest you can cut off a few stems that you have used Silica and put it by the same strain but with no silica and you will see the difference between the two stems. One with it,and one with out. Glad to be able to give you a fact of knowledge about how and what I have seen and learned along with all your videos. Thank you for the time to make your videos.

  5. PLEASE READ THIS IT'S IMPORTANT;FINALLY someone knows 1 of my lil secrets! I started growing in Coco ONLY after I tried it the outdoor season of 2015 (4/20-10/25), my best genetics went from being a seed in a bag (it was a strong Indica "Royal Purple Kush" [Blackberry Kush x Bubba Kush x Purple Kush x Pre '98 Bubba Kush), the site I got it from said to expect a short Indica type plant but with decent yield for an Indica & they started as 5 feminized seeds in a pack, that year I used ALL Coco (I use peat moss now with some amendments added)& I use Vermeculite & Coco with it as well(I use the Vermeculite instead of Perlite because Vermeculite is like a silica amendment that is released slowly & constantly while Perlite has no nute benefits but helps hold onto a little so I use 10% Peat Moss now, 40% Coco, 25% Vernaculite & 25% Perlite) while I also used the Cutting Edge Solutions nute line which has an AMAZING Silica product(the best silica that the store carried in ANY brand, luckily I was told IMMEDIATELY to add it 1st mainly cuz of nute lockour but also cuz of the pH like u said, I use Botanicare's Cal-Mag, & I also use almost the ENTIRE 3 PART line of nutes from Cutting Edge Solutions, after I mix my Cal-Mag 2nd after I 1stt added my Silica, the 3rd item I add is the micro nute which is a 6-0-0, then I add the Grow nute which is 2-1-6, & after that I mix in ny Bloom formula 0-6-5 & JUST doing that (with making sure my pH was anywhere from 5.8-6.2 that) I grew that "short small Indica type plant" 6 ft tall in 54 days meaning from the day of starting the initial germination which means it was a seed in a bag & then I spent 5-6 days fully germinated before I put it in lil cup & 48 days later it was 6 ft tall & reached over 8 ft.tall & bushy as house. I did a side by side flush on SEVERAL different plants always the same strain up against eachother, I'd flush 1 ur way with just regular pH'd, I got top shelf quality, a GIGANTIC plant & 4 1/2 lbs in a 20 gallon pot outdoors just by doing what u teach about LST, topping, Suppercropping,& pinching, so I did 2 plants the same on my 1st try & both got same yields & best top shelf bud I'd ever grown, it passed all the tests & came back with 17%-19% THC, & because on SOME plants I like to harvest when about 85% of the hairs are an orange red color, this brings the THC down I've noticed BUT it adds a significant amnt of CBD, BOTH had over 7% CBD, the 2nd plant of same strain but was better quality at least everyone told me when they talked about taste,& I was flushing with Florakleen every 15th day it's entire life & then I flushed it in its final week everyday with Florakleen & I recommend that EVERYONE use BOTH SILICA AND CAL-MAG no matter WHAT media you use. I tried those in soil before and saw a huge improvement. Your content is amazing & I just wonder how many ppl either already have switched to Coco like u & I & THEN the ppl who plan to this yr but don't know what specific order each Hydro nute needs to be added in by. I leaned that 1st & IT WAS GREAT INFO! I've Never had nute lockout cuz I SWEAR growing in Coco grows giant 6+-12+ tall plants on EVERY plant outdoors as long as u feed everytime u water & use ALL THE NUTES I MENTIONED IN CORRECT ORDER as long as ur pH is on I say a 95% chance u will get bigger plants with bigger harvest EVERY time, I add bloom boosters when it goes into flower & I've done a side by side on plant using just 1 using the silica, Cal-Mag & 3 part line, got great results BUT the same strain with bloom boosters added made the plant that got the boosters have MUCH bigger, much denser,& better bag appeal, bigger harvest cuz of volleyball sized buds which covered every cm of the 100+ main colas that were 8+ ft tall

  6. 45% Silicon Dioxide which is the highest concentration of silicon dioxide available. Silica is flowable and suspend-able in water and naturally available to the plant. Since Silica is a natural form of silicon dioxide, it is PH neutral and does not cloud when added to water. Thanks wizard keep up the great work…

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