Hemp seed oil cure cancer? No does this even need to be said? yes. sadly.

There are hundreds of other benefits of cannabis and MJ. This cancer claim has been thrown up to make people throw the baby out with the bath water.


  1. Cannabis oil from the harvested buds causes apoptosis in cancer cells (cancer cell death). Hemp seed oil is entirely different and has none of the cancer fighting benefits. There are numerous documentaries and studies on it. Watch Run From The Cure The Rick Simpson Story for starters.

  2. Heres one thing for sure dude….After 100 years of cancer research there is still nothing..still using the same old chemo garbage that either kills or destroys peoples lives. So, whe nsome promise is made suggesting that cancer can be prevented or slowed or cured form the Earth by the seed o which God himself says is the medicine of life, big pharma and guys like you shoot it down… Cancer is a booming business. It keeps millions employed/hospitals opened/ surgeons paid…Big pharma making billions off of drugs that do no good.

  3. Interesting views and yes Rockefeller and Carnegie families did meet and decided to push out old natural medicine to give more room for their own oppressive (then new) modern medicine as well as special interest trying bu buy up and shut down remedies like for ex the Hoxey one etc.. etc.. Big pharma/gov revolving doors and uber corruption is there alright, but I find it interesting that you mention fatty acids so much, is it not the mainly the CBD compounds and structure they are after?

    Trying to fully understand the miracles of nature can be a handful even for our brightest scientist of the planet, such complexion and trying to wrap my brain around the missing puzzle of life on earth and especially the very first cell (needed for further replication otherwise the standard model does not hold up) made me start to believe in God in the end haha.. I mean I was an atheist and a science nerd as young, I refused to listen to anyone and always pointed finger and called them conspiracy theorist while smirking, I know it´s weird but it was science that led me finally give up and start believing in creation. I don´t believe in or pray to a bearded man in the cloud's haha don´t get me wrong only admitted that the chances of the standard model occurring is like picking the right sand corn out of all beaches on earth and be right on your first try, no actually it´s even more crazy but do your own research and you will be rewarded I just don´t want to exaggerate (but it is much crazier then just all sand corns on earth to say the least).

    But I think you simplify too many things and draw conclusions out of that + cell replication gone bad is in itself just the symptom of much deeper underlying lying problem with your immune system gone bad, hence the answer is not mainly in the tumor itself to start with but sometime we do need modern medicine to for example remove toxic tumors from our bodies after dealing with the underlying problem + so many forms of cancer hard trying to fit them all under one roof so to speak, right?

    Open your mind my friend, I mean keep up the work videos are always cool but we should remain extremely humble when dealing with matters of nature, has it not again and again proven us to be clueless yet we keep throwing stones at is thinking we got some magic right to know and understand it all? Delusional if you ask me, humanity can live another 100k years and we still will learn, I hope being humble in the process.

    Sorry about my bad English, I'm trying but this language is hard for me haha..

    Take care and have a good day, stay humble.

  4. I was going to give a wall of text explaining how you are wrong, but I noticed the year on this video. I then remembered that the Cannabinoid receptors weren't well known until recently and forgave your ignorance.

    I do however suggest you learn more about a subject before you attempt to debunk it, as your knowledge of how cancer works is straight from the Google definition. This tells me you are not well versed in molecular biology.

  5. Ry,

    I've been following you for years and you're usually so informed about what you post.  That's why I'm extremely surprised that you made such a major error in this video.  Really you should delete the entire thing as you got the claim factually incorrect – how could anything that comes after it be true?

    Extract of Cannabis kills cancer in double blind studies

    Hemp Seed Oil (The vegetable oil/food item) does not

    I'm shocked you made such a huge error.  Can we chat more about this?

  6. NOT hemp seed oil. Hash oil. Cannabis oil. Cannabidiol promotes apoptosis. PLEASE read the ongoing studies! 

    2014 Dec;13  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25398831
    There are actually researchers finding out more about cannabidiol than ever before. 

    More and more is coming out. You're so full of shit it's coming out of your ears!

  7. Have you gotten wiser now, have you studied more into cannabis oil and THC & CBD cannabinoids vs cancer, because it is certainly not hemp oil that is being used to treat cancer! You're probably right about hemp seed oil and fatty acids and cancer, but there is a world of difference between the two! 😉 Study the subject, try listen to Dr. Christina Sanchez from the University of Madrid on the Endocannabinoid system!

  8. Hemp seed oil doesn't cure cancer. Oil derived from the fully grown plant however is completely different. When people say cannabis oil, and hemp oil, they are talking about the oil resin that was washed off the plant.

  9. hemp oil works also the only thing that cannabis oil has that it doesnt is thc the chemical that gets you high they are the same plant but i get the point this guy is tryin to make.

  10. You need to do more research before you try to discredit 100 of studies. Btw even though hempseed oil is very beneficial it's actual The oil made from the hemp plant the cures cancer

  11. Bless you, you poor innocent – go to http://www.cancer.gov (cannabis and cannabinoids – Laboratory/Animal/Preclinical Studies) and this is only one of many, many, worldwide studies.  Now please GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT and stop listening to the big guys who tend to steer the little guys in the wrong direction in the hope they don't do the research themselves, duh!

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