Harvesting Outdoor Colorado Medical Marijuana

Dr MMJ, or DrMMJ.com, showing you how to harvest outdoor Colorado medical marijuana. Harvesting MMJ strands = Pineapple Express, Afghan, Kushage, …


  1. @DoctorMMJ Word. I understand that people will steal anything that isn't nailed down, even if it's in the earth in someone elses yard. I live in Texas so I can't grow outside, but my buddy has and someone jumped his fence and pulled all his 6 ft plants out by the root. At least the buds u grew u were able to reap the rewards. Try indoors bro.

  2. What was your yield bro? Like 2 grams per plant. lol. Shit you could grow bigger buds than that underneath your bed with no lights. Not really, but almost. Plants should be like 5 feet tall in Colorado at least.

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