Harvest and Bud Washing

How I wash my cannabis Bud’s at Harvest Time. check back here for a link to a new channel I will start for the 2021 grow season. thanks to everyone who has …


  1. I didn’t have any pest problems, but where I live there is a dirt road nearby and fields on both sides of my grow that are plowed throughout the season. Lots of dust floating around. I just hook up a spray nozzle and wash the plant while it’s still standing. Let it dry 30 minutes or so, and then harvest. Works good.

  2. Bud worms dont seem to bad….I get them every year….but never have I lost a whole plant….you can make bubble hash out of the buds…bubble bags will fillter out all the impurities (bugs) and all thats left will be oil ….. I think by using the shade cloth it keeps out the natural bugs that eat aphids…like wasps….you have a while to think about it before next grow season….

  3. Glad your still gonna have site next year. Im in same area and had exact same problem with aphids. Oh yeah did I mention root aphids too. Lol "I dont know how many ahphids i want to smoke." I was feeling same but it seems they are not big on flowers just leaves/stems. It s not like stuff over the years we had was clean. I really like washing of buds. Maybe take note of plants aphids like more then others with none. Don t grow those. Peace

  4. Thank you for the video great book end for the series! BEAUTIFUL garden it is to bad about the aphids , I’m glad you said something about the hanging/drying I was wondering if they leave . It’s a shame YouTube has been deleting this type of educational LEGAL content. I seen another grower lose all his content they wiped him out… I wonder if people making videos about craft beer, and other things have the same problems I doubt it.
    I will definitely follow you to your next venture , and I look forward to 2021 grow!
    Thanks again man! Great series !

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