Gross Halloween Party Game! | One Pot Chef

This classic spooky Halloween game uses basic household items and food – making it easy to prepare and economical! Plus little kids will love it πŸ™‚ ONE POT …


  1. @Kitty Kat – Halloween is not what you think it is.

    Halloween marks the end of the harvests of plants, followed by a celebration of those harvests. Offerings of some of the plants were even made to offer thanks for a bountiful harvest.
    The way that you're thinking Halloween is, is due to fear instilled by Hollywood movies & made-up stories by lunatic people.

  2. "long term emotional damage"? hahaha.
    You're adorable . But seriously , I may actually try this. I'm definitely making the goopey jello drink.

  3. Well, that's something. Isn't that the kind of thing the Americans do with their kids as a Halloween game? I saw this stuff in various movies and such. And does one discard the ingredients afterwards? I guess not.

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