German Shepherd Protects House and New CBD Oil for Lotus!

Follow our lives raising German Shepherds. Pup Stuff we use Everyday you see in our Videos (Leashes, Supplements, Toys Ect…): …


  1. Do you guys let your dog chew tennis type balls at all? Why not if suggest not good. I’d like your idea. Also if you do I put one in my bigger hex ball. It gives my pup something more to grab as we play a little tug. Thanks for your input

  2. do you keep the dogs e-collars on all night and day? im just wondering because its always a struggle to put my e-collar on my GSD because shes very reactivate and gets very excited when i get it on and put it on her so wanted to know if i should just keep it on her but very loosely on her at night for bed

  3. I have a German Shepherd too he is 5 years old I have adopted him he has reaction to other dogs can be severe could be mild depends on the dog do you have any problems with it with your dog that's reactive !

  4. Hi I know you have talked about this before on other videos but I was wondering if you could do a video of the difference between why lotus is reactive (even though he has gone through high levels of training )compare to why dogs who aren’t socialised are aggressive ?
    Thank you for your time

  5. unfortunately cbc oil did nothing for my nervous nelly shepherds fobias or hips but glucosamine helps. she has thunderstorm anxiety and separation anxiety and hoped cbd oil worked but did nothing.

  6. i love watching these videos since i love GSD's but cant have dogs since i live in a tiny apartment with no parks nearby and i don't drive, so thank you for making these videos 😀

  7. Hey man, I'm currently training my GSD puppy (9 weeks!) She's always biting and assumes I'm playing when I try saying ouch or backing off. Does this behavior stop? Or is there a way to correct it. Thanks so much 😉 Love the videos!

  8. I’m not sure if you guys have posted a video about feeding Gsp milk or not so my question is can my Gsp have milk & if so what kind would you recommend. My husband bless his heart gave her 2% & I was kind of freaking out. Not really clear about that so I watch as many videos as I can to make sure that I’m giving Zoe the things that she needs to be a healthy mama in the future. Thanks guys love the videos ?

  9. Hello! I just got my German shepherd puppy about two days ago (she’s about two weeks old, normally she’d be with her mom for the first few weeks but her mom rejected her and she was the only puppy birthed) and one thing I noticed is that she loves laying on cold tile. When we place her on carpet or in her bin during the day, she will whine until we place her on tile. Thankfully at night she loves going in her crate and doesn’t have problems, but is this something that Enzo and Lotus did too? And did they grow out of it ?

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