1. Well you started a good conversation. This is something I would like to learn more about. Let's start talking about how to isolate these jeans and bring them out to make your medicine the best it can possibly be, and the BIOLOGICAL process and conditions needed.

  2. Nice …Great info…
    Just watched a video the other day on popping 100 seeds same strain… 
    Taking clones of all 100..
    Then flowering out the 100 seeds 
    And picking the NUMBER 1 Clone Cultivar as the future MOTHER.. 
    Could not imagine throwing away 99 plants after all that
    Very cool !!!
    Great way to fill the tent in the future as well the Clones hold value..
    Gotta Love this plant !!!

  3. Interesting info on gene expression! I had no idea the biology of the root zone had anything to do w/gene expressions! Looking forward to more videos like this👍 Btw, your guurrls are looking fantastic 🌱🔥🌿

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