Frosted Kush Indica CBD Flower by Secret Nature

Best CBD Products breaks down the popular Frosted Kust Indica strain by Secret Nature CBD. ✅Frosted Kush – 19.5% CBD, 22.4% Total Cannabinoids, Frosting …


  1. You think i’ll get a panic attack and or a delayed reaction? I had a bad trip on a THC Cart, im in CA so I’m not worried about the legality, however it’s the high itself.

  2. hey i’m late lol. but i was just wondering the effects the first joint had on u? was it euphoric like regular thc? or was it like taking a muscle relaxer? basically how did it make u feel lol sorry

  3. I’m 15 and have debilitating anxiety. I tried CBD oils and foods but it only helped me to a certain extent. I’ve tried thc products too like brownies and pens and while those work I could never get them the right way bc I don’t have a med card :/ I really want to invest in these since inhaling works way better for me. great review

  4. I have panic attacks on a regular basis and thc, alcohol, and many other drugs all cause me to panic. Is the thc in the bud strong enough to cause a panic attack?? I smoked weed for almost 4 years on a daily basis but recently it turned on me and causes me to disassociate so I can no longer use thc comfortably. I heard that cbd can really help with panic disorder and ordered the flower. I’m nervous to try it but have high hopes that it will help. Any thoughts?

  5. So do all secret nature flowers contain the minimal THC level… I would love to get some but here in Ohio the legal limit is 0.3 THC I believe… This stuff just looks so good!! I would be surprised if You didn't need a medical card

  6. "this is not how cbd flowers supposed to look like"

    LOL, that's why it's Secret "". Nature. It's greenhouse indoor, and it definitely has more thc than it states. That's why secret nature is the best.

  7. You seem to understand the plant a lot more than other people on here reviewing. How does this compare to indoor thc flower in smell and taste? I’m ordering bulk and really would like to get in touch with them if it’s worth the prices they charge

  8. one thing I absolutely love is no matter how high a quantity you purchase, say you order an ounce or more you're still getting your flower in sealed tins containing an eighth each which allows you to keep your flower fresh by opening one tin at a time, instead of getting a ziplock type bag that once the package is ripped open the flower starts immediately losing its aroma, terpenes. One thing I can say is secret nature CBD will continue getting my support. The price tag is so well worth it and they also have a twenty percent discount right now using (MARCH20) <——- last day for the march20, or (TOPSHELF) at check out. please, everyone, support they went out of their way to help me fix a problem with my order. so not only do they have the caviar of CBD flower and other fantastic products but they stand behind their products and the customer support is amazing. they are compassionate loving people. try them out at least once, you'll fall in love.

  9. I am new to cbd flowers been smoking blueberry pie and amnesia haze, bubba#10, and just got an oz of bubblegum. All from black tie What is the best cbd flower out there?

  10. I was wanting to try Hemplucid Full Spectrum Vape Juice with Terpenes and also CBDFX with Terpenes Pineapple Express. I can only afford one at the moment which would you recommend first? I have a High Tolerance to CBD Juice..

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