FREAKS OF CANNABIS – Marijuana Plant Mutations

Today on Lex’s world – oddities and unusual phenotypes witnessed in Cannabis. From split fanleaves, to buds on fanleaves to self-topping plants, I tried to …


  1. Interesting comments have been left since I published this one! I'll have to do an episode 2 at some point….but before you check out all the comments, Please SUBSCRIBE first!

  2. Can i send you a pic of my mutant discretely? Im not sure its worh keeping alive due to overcrowding so im thinking about kicking her out, but even then its still hard after so long, you grow attached somewhat if you know what i mean lol

  3. Not true on all white tips. White tips have proven in many situations to be trichome concentrated areas and higher in thc and terpenes. Check bluecollargardener on Instagram for examples. It's well documented w lab results online.

  4. 1. I knew a guy sellin albino weed once, kinda looked like weed would look texture wise but it was basically gold/white … Like hay or some shit lol It was INSANE! And I know ill never see it again, and yes it got you high.. Broke down amazing! Lol
    2. On a grow once 3 of them only grew to be a max height of 8 inches and only produced like a g on them, but they were bomb.. Made no sense at all besides genetics lol Gotta love weed man πŸ˜…

  5. That plant was a triploid plant and you showed a quadraploid one too. As far as I know most are polyploid, needs more research though. Pink kush has genetics that show more ploidy phenos….

  6. I had one plant come up out of a breeding program that had "weeping" leaves and smelled and tasted like French perfume. I couldn't get it to clone. The only plant out of over a hundred in that run. I've grown thousands (back in the day…) and have seen quite a few of these anomalies but some of these I've never seen like the split petiole. Pretty cool.

  7. I hav heard a rumour about β€œ amber coloured β€œ trichomes. That occur naturally and are supposed to be vary potent. Any info on the subject would be be appreciated .

  8. Thank you. Could you do a video on chem dog. The seeds that supposedly came out a bag at a grateful dead show and now is in a good portion of our cannabis stock. (Dinafem paid $250,000 for one of the mother plants? ) Some people say that’s a mutation. πŸ‘πŸΌ

  9. I have a mutation on a cbd kush not mentioned here. From week 2 till 4 it had gigantic fan leaves, like 20cm wide and extremely fat (indica) fingers. Now it makes both normal leaves but also some very small fingered (sativa) leaves.
    Never seen a plant before with both leave types as fan leaves.

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