1. Having smoked cannabis for 30+ years and suffered no negative side effects, I would challenge your "Biblical" take on cannabis.

    "You're Prophet turned water into wine…
    Are you aware of the catastrophic costs that alcohol has on people globally that become addicted to it, the costs to the tax payer and within the health and care system?
    Alcohol has an enormous negative effect on society, yet you promote it with your silly stories of miracles.

  2. It says in the Bible arm yourself for suffering he that suffered In the Flesh ceased from sin very few people want to face the real self they have to fill their minds with garbage they live in this world camft face reality

  3. The cannabis sativa plant is "very good" according to Genesis 1:29. Evil G Soros is using cannabis re-legalization to sway millions of young voters and its working. Yes, cannabis has shown to be a cancer killer as well as a natural substance bringing comfort to many. Isaiah 5:20 says, "Woe to those who call evil "good" ~ and good "evil." IMO, the cannabis sativa plant is the "meats" created by God that we have been commanded to abstain from as mentioned in 1 Timothy 4:3. This "meats" links back to the word "meat" in Genesis 1:29, 3:18, 9:3.. Begs the question: who is Paul referring to in 1 Timothy 4:1-2..? You?

  4. Always remember, God does not create evil. Man simply takes advantage of the things which God provides. After watching this video, I cant help but to feel that the focus is more on scientific debate instead of using God's signature way of simplicity. I have loved, and followed Tomorrows World for almost 7 years, and I am also a student of Bible Prophecy. I'm going to just get to the point. Just because something can make you " high", does not make it evil. Cannabis is almost impossible to overdose on. You cant even say that about your precious wine that seems to be ok to drink when celebrating. I'm going to be honest, I do in fact smoke marijuana. I know first hand that it can be used to enhance concentration leading to more powerful prayers, more love for others, and can surprisingly aid you in finding answers to questions that seem impossible to answer. You should not condemn a plant that which you have never tried. You do not know what you are talking about by judging people that do smoke it. And believe me, with all the slang terminology used here like "weed", and "stoned", it is very easy to see that this is not mulch more than a bashing party. Just like in all things that God created, it can be abused in evil ways. But it can be used for good as well. If God never wanted us to get a feeling from this plant, we wouldn't. I have not bought into a sales pich. This message that you are passing is one of the straight-and -narrow path. I understand. However, I tell you now that if I must use this to help channel out my earthly problems in order to get closer to my Jesus, where then is the evil? Go ahead and label me a snake oil salesman. For I am not the one using the power of my words to call others salesman, nor snake. I walk with God the best I can whether anyone is looking or not. Remember brothers and sisters, that moral high ground is paved with love, not criticism. And the good folks at Tomorrows World have made a mistake by waging war on anything that was created, and has been allowed to continue by God almighty. Good and evil, there never is one without the other until Jesus returns to destroy evil for us

  5. In Deuteronomy which the worldwide Church of God believe to be scriptural it says that we should give strong drink to those that are about to perish or are so sick that they need some relief. I think some form of cannabis would be appropriate in this area also. Pain is not a friend it is the enemy and God does not won't people to suffer .

  6. I've heard people say that cannabis is not addictive and is proven effective in some health conditions. I would not want to smoke it but I would take it and other forms if it was available and legal in my state. CBD is the closest thing to this product in a pill form that is available to me I'm so far it has helped with pain and diabetes. My A1C blood test was 6.5 last time nearly a normal reading for a diabetic. It had been 13 at one time.

  7. I think that presenters should always wear a coat and tie when preaching God's word on the YouTube or Internet. Also allow comments and have somebody to respond to them. Many old people get their information from YouTube. I used to be in the worldwide Church of God and this seems the best Reincarnation of it of the other splint off and Splinter groups.

  8. Why don't you put your booklets on Kindle for free where people can adjust the print when they are old to be able to read it. Also save money on shipping out booklets with print that is too small to read. One church has all their books on Kindle for free

  9. And food leads to gluttony so dont eat food, wine leads to drunkenness dont drink wine. Yet it's in the bible. Hmmm….Ecclisiasticus 38:4, Yahuwah has created medicines out of the earth and he that is wise will not abhor them. How many people are on sleeping pills? How many have died on marijuana? No one. How many have died from opioids? ALOT! And you can make tinctures, you dont have to smoke it. Dont abuse anything. Too much food. Too much wine, too much medicine. Just dont be a glutton with it. Geez. Smh.

  10. Even after this, people are still confusing the different forms/derivatives of cannabis, and their medicinal uses, with smoking pot to get high–then, imputing motives as to why someone may want to have access to these substances. Do your own research. Search for Cannabis, CBD, THC, individually, at GreenMedInfo dot com, where you will find about 1,000 studies/trials.

    Anecdotal and clinical evidence suggests CBD, sometimes in combination with THC, is beneficial for certain conditions. If these substances were not effective, the pharmaceutical companies wouldn't have invested in the R & D to create the synthetic versions for sale.

    Keep in mind that some people do have extreme reactions to THC, where others do not. This happens with prescribed medications as well. As with drugs, the proper dose and side effects are an individual thing.

  11. There is MaryJane and there is hemp. Both are listed as cannabis. I've heard from doctors, brain specialists, that the hemp style helps protect the brain because the products from big pharma are speeding them towards dementia and making it worse.
    I don't like the THC but it killed severe pain without affecting my brain. The pharma pills drove me crazy and nauseous. It worked for a few months pre surgery. I'm a sensitive.

  12. Thanks for the honest and insightful program. I started smoking pot by choice when I was 11 years old. Prior to that, my older sisters got me high on it when I was a toddler… it opened the door to hard drugs later in life, and it most certainly opens the door to greater demonic influence. By the grace of God I got off all drugs and alcohol at age 33, roughly 18 years ago now, but I have often wondered what I might have accomplished had I not used drugs and alcohol all those years. But, perhaps it is a path that needed to be tread for greater purposes (Pr 20:24; Rom 8:28).

    Old friends and family try to justify using it in the very way talked about in this telecast. First it was a cure all (even though we all used it strictly for fun dating back all those years) and now our town, just today–on 2/28/2020, opened its first recreational pot store… they all still believe the lies they tell themselves, though.

    I will concede that it has to have some medicinal value. There is no way that it cannot.

    Happy Sabbath!

  13. So now you're going to tell us that marijuana will condemn you to hell? Is that what you're getting at??? I got news for you pal. God loves the poor. Favors the poor. Look at you in those fine clothes all proper…ever read about what the rich get???

  14. It's a fact that smoking marijuana let's you see through the illusion set around what life is and actually allows you to see we are just people on a planet living life with only one decision to make that actually matters. We accept salvation through Jesus and have eternal life or reject him and experience eternal hell

  15. Are we getting off topic here? Not one mention of the Gospel of the Kingdom or of prophetic warnings to modern Israel until the closing few minutes.
    Are those inclined to get on the Cannabis bandwagon likely to listen all the way to the end?
    Discerning minds can see the hidden agenda behind “medical marijuana” and we know you’re right. But we aren’t the audience you need to reach.

  16. Did you know that using marijuana makes you impervious to brainwashing techniques? Not the medical grade cultivated crap, but the wild field grown weed has alkaloids that make the subconscious merge with the conscious mind. Therefore when someone is stoned, they cannot be hypnotized. "There is nothing unclean of itself, but unto he who is esteemeth it to be unclean, to him it is unclean". All things are lawful, but not expedient. Moderation in all things.

  17. When you talk about Schizophrenia I stopped watching.. What a joke…
    You say facts but these 'facts' based on lies..

    Try to discover what your CBD system is, all they try to sell is medicine rather than natural medice

  18. Pot isn't the problem…. It's the crack, cocaine and or meth. Mix that with cesspool known as the modern world and we have social breakdown on a global scale…. Makes it hard on anyone who puts their time and effort to work for their living. Also those that try to follow gods commandments and rules of man/woman. Don't get me wrong there's plenty of good and good people left in this world doing gods work and we all know that's not easy.

  19. Alcohol is much worse than marijuana. And…
    We are commanded to drink alcohol.
    Have you ever checked into the ingredients in the TEMPLE INCENSE?
    Have you ever seen what happens to a couch potato when you deny them their cheetos?
    I don't believe either side.
    I use my brain and SCRIPTURE to determine.what is right and wrong.

  20. Marijuana is hallucinogenic?? No it is not! I've smoked ganja for 23 years and not once have I ever experienced hallucinations or mental illness.
    Old, ignorant, Christian, white man doesn't have a clue what he's talking about!

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