1. There's no real medicinal qualities in the leaves. It's nutritional and helps breakdown undigested food in the stomach however. The real medicine that is scientifically proven to kill cancer cells and treat hundreds of other ailments is in the oil produced by the glandular trichomes on the flowers. The simple fact that it's a renewable resource of energy and could actually get us away from fossil fuels makes it a no brainier. The biggest opponents of legalization are big oil, big pharma and the private prison systems whom spend millions to keep making huge profits at the expense of our health, environment and freedom. And on top of the medicinal value, is it a bad thing that it makes people happy and euphoric with less health risks than caffeine and is also less addictive than coffee? We have been a nation that has socially accepted alcohol & tobacco for years but we have been systematically mislead by our gov. through propaganda from the 40's that ill informed people still believe.

  2. The outlook in The Sunshine State Has never been so very great
    The gold rush is coming back to you It's money for the people,
    it's money for the schools Vote Yes on amendment 2
    cause it's the right choice, and it's the right thing to do. 

    Vote Yes on amendment 2, cause it's the right choice and it's long past due.
    We gotta make this a big success
    On November 2nd, Don't forget to vote YES
    Do a good deed, help the sick, try your best. 
    Tell all your friends that they've got to vote yes!  

    Canvass the beaches and the neighborhoods
    Talk to the old folks, till your understood
    Smile, and ask them to please Vote yes
    'cause we gotta make this a big success! 

    Tell the DEA to go get screwed 
    Michele Leonhart can suck off Uncle Scrooge 
    We gotta vote Yes on amendment 2
    cause nothing could be more Red, White And Blue

  3. You and I no it will cut into all the money being made for false hopes they don't want people to live plus it will cut out to many jobs they are just worried about ther cut and there will be no cut there making money hand over fist we will see how good colarado does and they only legalized it to smoke they can't keep up with the demand

  4. it will be huge if it gets through in florida.. the places where its legal are finding much higher than expected interest from retirees which was surprising to me, but when you put 2 and 2 together you realize that these are the folks that are dealing with the ridiculous healthcare industry the most.

    hemp is actually more useful to the larger subset of society, which is actually what the big oil companies and the political big wigs fear the most. 10 years from now hempcrete will most likely be the building material of choice… far cheaper, far healthier, better insulation, longer lasting… etc.

  5. this plant is thee power move they don't want the people to posses, putting all power back into the Peoples' hands it'll
    save the world from hunger, poverty, disease & save our other resources with a smile on our face….this move would demolishes their "power", but if they control our mental process, finance, & laws, then it would not even matter. education, knowledge, & wisdom…..

  6. It's not the leaves, its the resin that makes the oil. The leaves are good for juicing tho, the juice is very powerful, almost burns your throat. Either way the whole plant is food, clothing and medicine. Hats off to America for spearheading this shit. There is still some freedom for you guys.

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