Everything Psychiatric | Picmonic Nursing Webinar

Mood disorders… Personality disorders… Anxiety disorders… Oh My. Don’t go crazy. In this webinar, we go over Nursing Psychiatry and all of the high yield …


  1. Y’all complain too much! Just enjoy the material. He doesn’t need to be politically correct. If you want to hear politically correct information go look elsewhere. SOFTIES!

  2. Nurses need to start to intervene and advocate for patients around this issue as physicians failing in their duty. The use of electroshock or ECT has proved brain injuries by the CA courts around devices used. No FDA testing for safety or effectiveness. Dr. Bennet Omalu famous for findings of CTE in the NFL is stating similar outcomes expected given repeated brain injuries from electrical trauma in this. Current national device suit taking place in US. 5 billion in revenues from this practice in the US alone. Cover ups and harm for decades taking place at leading facilities. Used for many mental health conditions now and no longer a last resort. Patients are showing damages on testing. Increase in suicide after use of ECT in patients can find little help to address damages currently. This is also being used on our children and Veterans. Electrical trauma can evolve years out to include onset of ALS and ongoing cardiac issues as well. Given the situation of Covid more patients will be at risk for being offered this so inform yourselves. See ectjustice site and life after ECT site. If you have had ECT please contact the DK law group in CA to see if you qualify for joining the device suit. Please share this information with others in particular on public social as major media protecting providers and facilities.

  3. Learn about the increased use of electroshock or better known as ECT. See ectjustice and site Life After ECT. Book by Linda Andre called Doctors of Deception. No FDA testing behind device or procedure for safety or even effectiveness. No longer a last resort. Used for many conditions. Law suits taking place on a national level around devices used. California courts have proved brain injuries at a minimum. Long term outcomes of ECT can result in CTE and ALS. Up to 450 volts to brain and greater. Patients lied to in consent. Increase in suicide following as cannot find help as all protect doctors. Patients showing damages on SPECT, MRI, EEG, EKG, NEURO/COG TESTING, PET SCAN ETC. 5 billion annually in US alone. Used also in our children and Veterans. Please go on social media and discuss. Students please write your papers on this topic. Those responsible for patient safety please intercede to inform and protect. https://youtu.be/7BaWGCwnxLg

  4. I agree with Jane, I get you're trying to make it memorable, but even just working in mental health the word crazy hurts vicariously, and I feel it doesn't convey the best attitude if you're going to be working in mental health. I don't work with "crazy" people, I work with people. Thank you!

  5. my birth mum killed my birth sister because of a mental illness, from there psychiatrist used me as a psychiatric experiment. My whole life has been a psychiatric lie. they stole my life from me, abused me, damaged me and destroyed my life all in the name of psychiatry. psychiatry is nothing but bullocks bullshit. 😡😤😭

  6. Great job! I just passed the ANCC PMHNP exam and this video was a helpful review. I think if one works with this population, they understand there is nothing said in this video that was anything other than helpful to learning about psych.

  7. There is no such thing as a "chemical imbalance" in the brain. This theory was made up by pharma to make a crap load of profits off their neurotoxic drugs called psych meds. Most mental disturbances are caused by a trauma, or parasites, or addiction, poor choices, history of abuse, gut flora damage from overuse of antibiotics, sugar, etc…. there is no lab test or test to prove this BS theory of chemical imbalance. After being a psych nurse for decades, I have seen more harm from the meds than anything.

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