1. REPEAL ALL LAWS for Whole Plant THC/CBD–Not SYNTHETIC THC/CBD—I was on all these medications also and they kept addinfg more—i was up to thirty pharmaceuticals and doctors just kept giving me more—i finally had enough and got off them all—-End Prohibition for Whole Plant THC/CBD–Not only CBD—We need to get the corrupt United Nation/Monsanto CAFO Farming OUT—We need Organic Regenerative Farming——We need RAW A2 Milk–Not Pasteurized A2 Milk–Not A1 Milk with TOXIC BCM-7 WITH OPIOIDS—!!!!

  2. Thank you very much for this information. My Dad was killed by cancer back in 1997. I have recently been told after an ultrasound that I have a 1.3 c.m. mass on my bladder. Well the urologist didn't even know if it was Cancer or not and said he wanted to go in and use a "mild form" of Chemno to go in through my Penis and remove the mass. This struck me hard. I have been studying the use of cannabis for over a decade and have been using it all of my adult life. Mainly as a smoker but I also eat it. I took a blood test this morning and will soon find out if this is cancer or not. I have been working on my diet with my limited and fixed income of $750 a MONTH and am going to suffer the cost of some CBD oil and other things when I get paid. I already knew about the acidic VS Alkiline diet and cancer not being able to live in an alkaline environment. I subscribed to this CH and added JackKungul.com to my favorites to study further after I clean the yard today. God bless you all and if you have any further advice for me feel free to tell me what I need to do. I thought fish was suppose to be good for men so I have been eating mostly chicken but some Ocean Caught Wild Salmon and very little red meat for a while now. Dairy products are gonna be hard to not eat though. I love them but I have cut down on them. I am glad this worked for you and others. Please pray that it workd for me as well? Thank you and have a great day.

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