EP #16 THE BIG CHEESE: Flowering Week 8

18+ EP #16 THE BIG CHEESE: Flowering Week 8 This is it! The Grand Finale of The Big Cheese Series. Mission accomplished! Top Shelf Grower completed …


  1. brother i have another problem i discovered a mold in a small bud but it also affected the main stem in that part should i remove the bud or the whole tree cause im really close to harvest 🙁

  2. brother i have a question i grow indica autos only i want to have the most potent and strong buds i can get when is the right time to harvest when trichomes are most of them milky or should i let them get amber a bit?thanks for all ur answers so far <3

  3. Looking goood 🔥, you might want to invest in a good jewelers loupe though. I've pulled some plants with 100% orange pistils that weren't ready. Trichome check is the way to go 👌🏿

  4. Bro i subscribe to this 2 weeks ago and its amazing watching you grow, and seeing how ur growing. Fighting some budrot or frikking mold into drying, but i smacked the molds butt, get outhaaa here. But bro smoke well goodluck lifting those heavy buds and cutting stese big stems bro

  5. Great series mate, looking forward to the next!
    Love the e-book and recommend anyone who’s growing to grab a copy and gain some knowledge!
    Stay safe, stay high 🤙🏼

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