Stoney Ridge Farmer’s “Quick Tips”: HOW TO STRING YOUR WEED WHACKER. Hope you all enjoy this new series of quick how to videos here on the channel!


  1. Speed feeder… Is that the kind where you bump the ground and it self feeds? I'm having a hell of a time getting mine to work properly… The string binds up and chokes itself to death from the centrifugal forces and I have to take it apart time and again… I keep shortening the line when I load it, but same problem…

  2. Hold a finger between the two lines close to the 'cartridge' to guide them. Then turn the 'cartridge' with the other hand. This way the lined won't begin to tangle up while wrapping like in the video.

  3. I had to learn the hard way… I loaded ours last weened and as soon as my son turned it on it went up inside and got tangled around the part that spins it so I had to untangle it and load again and it works but now seeing this I still did it wrong๐Ÿ˜ณ Going to fix it now but question… what are the grooves around the edge of the spool for?

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