1. December 20, 2018 was a historical day, President Trump signed the Agricultural Improvement Act, otherwise known as the 2018 Farm Bill, into law. This law formally removes hemp from the controlled substances list and treats hemp as a standard agricultural commodity; before this hemp was wrapped up with marijuana and treated as a controlled substance. So, with this new law not known to many, hardly any people are cashing in on the CBD oil boom.

  2. It's miracle drug pharmaceutica company's they will do the best of there power to illegal this miracle drug because they will be out of business. And FDA and pharmaceutical companies they knew about this. But all they care it's about revenue and don't give a dom about there people.

  3. Government regulation is not the answer let the free market regulate! good third-party certified testing Labs that are independent from the manufacturers of CBD can simply post/ publish the test results of Purity concentration of key elements!@ for god sake don't bring the government into this situation again they'll only ruin it with their inane heavy-handed regulation , after all look what they did from 1937 until now… rely on the government you're a stupid idiot. Sanjay?

  4. Please search for RSO, for cancer, THAT is the format needed. Prof. Mechulam, who researched it, for 30 years (HE identified the components, including CBD), he says, the synergistic effect of the natural plant, is far more beneficial, than any single molecule Alcohol, IS dangerous, causes severe psychotropic effect. (high)!!! Only corporate corruption caused it to be illegal!

  5. Let the FDA keep their freaking hands off CBD.We don't want their damn regulations! They're the ones that approved poisons like statins that are killing rather than helping us.

  6. I tried CBD oil for Cervical Dystonia & muscle spasms but it didn't work. However, the strong taste of ROUNDUP was definitely there. ROUNDUP has been found to cause cancer, as have other herbicides & fungicides. Perhaps organic CBD oil is the only way to go.

  7. The information in this video is very out of date. Many of the questions brought up are being answered today regarding disclosure of ingredients, strength, etc. Many makers have lab data available online. I also believe that all 50 states have legalized it now. I only wish the FDA would clamp down on so called "legal" drug manufacturing. A case in point is the manufacture of many, many drugs we all take daily that really aren't well regulated because most are not nanufactured in the US. Blood pressure medicines have been in the news this past year due to possible carcinogens being found in these pills from different drug companies that are made by other companies. I can see a day when the CBD industry may become as powerful as "legitimate" drug companies due to demand and the huge money involved. Then the polititions will come around!

  8. Fuck oz he's always trying to find something negative about a good product , but he never finds or talks about the negative shit in the pharmaceutical industry that's alot worse for people's health.

  9. Cbd cures cancer ..period. But of course the government has to have their part and control. Rick simpson cured a whole town of people and the government took all his plants. Nice one . bcuz they want us sick. Tired of the lies and secrects being kept from sick people.

  10. My back doc just told me he can't give me any pain medicine since I use medical cbd. It keeps my pain at bay until I get a bad bad flare up. All I needed was a few to get me thru this flare up. He said Maryland laws are really strict with that. He's a fucking asshole. But he wants to give me another shot in my back. I told him I've been going to physical therapy 3 times a week for 5 months. He said who sent you to physical therapy? I said you did. So I guess he hasn't even looked at any of the reports from them. What a jack off. I only got it because he wouldn't give me anything for my back. Now that I use it he still won't. It's a cluster fuck

  11. CBD is only for people with problems with HIGH dopamine as it is a partial antagonist of cb1 receptors. If you have ADHD or other LOW dopamine problems you will benefit from a steady intake of THC. Just dont over do it as receptors will go into hiding if you keep feeding them THC. Cannabis is one of the least toxic drugs out there. You just need to underatand the basics.

  12. Stop lying to people!!! In order for it to qualify as a "Cbd" it had to have less than a trace of thc in it. Thc is not a recreational drug either!!! It is a potent painkiller. It works in conjunction with cbd and dozens of other cannabinoids to deliver different effects depending on the strain of cannabis! Watch your verbiage when discussing and educating those new to this industry! Cbd can also counteract the euphoria that thc provides so if you need the health benefits of thc but are not comfortable yet with the feeling, use a 1:1 ratio of thc to cbd and you reap the benefits of both while minimizing the high and euphoria that high thc percentages deliver.

  13. I take CBD oil, it is legal in Canada. It works amazingly well for pain, anxiety, depression, etc. After years of being on pharmaceuticals, I now use only CBD oil. The best part? NO Side effects.

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