Just ordered a couple Ignite CBD disposable pens !! giving my review on how they smoke and taste !! Please enjoy and please subscribe if you liked this video …


  1. MCT is not in anyway shape or form better than propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine for vaping. MCT is a lipid, it will harm the lungs and cause lipid pneumonia in the long run. The other's are alcohols and will not settle in the lungs, they are safe and have been used in asthma inhalers and fog machines for decades now and we know they are safe.

    Don't vape MCT it's not safe for inhalation, MCT is for tongue drops/edibles. I'm a doctor specialising in medical engineering btw

  2. CBD oil can do wonders. it can really help. I have been using it to get some relief from anxiety. I bought it from deluxeleaf.com and it did help a lot. It is having immediate calming effects. Nothing works as good and as naturally like CBD oil. After using it you will get to see the results soon. It felt really good. I feel the differences already. Great product.

  3. Hey , I have never smoked CBD or weed . Looking for something that has instant calming effect and possibly increased sex drive also SAFE . Any recommendation ?

  4. I got the spearmint flavor and it dried the fuck out of my throat, and I been taking about 10-15 puffs a day for like three days .maybe it's the flavor, but I don't want to try another one it sucks.

  5. What’s the difference with the vape pen and the rechargeable pen? How long will the normal vape pen stay? How much can I smoke with it ? After the vape pen is empty I pull it in the trash or what? I don’t understand ?

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