Connect the Dots: Texas is not legalizing pot

A story about marijuana in Texas took off on social media leading many to think, it’s now decriminalized. So what does the law really say? Janelle Bludau …


  1. Texas is abackwards state mostly because it has brain dead Republicans running it. Vote in a new government replacing these close minded tyrants

  2. Texas doesnt want to legalize because they already get paid from people being arrested for Marijuana. 30 percent of the Arrests in Texas are for nonviolent offenses Marijuana being there cash cow for arrests.

  3. If we vote for Texas, we can win recreational for marijuana. Doesn’t matter what’s government going to said. Largest state of $ to sell in first week history. I know Alaska is biggest but don’t have enough peoples there than here.

  4. Texas if y'all want to damn something and band these e-cigarettes band using natural gas band all of these over-the-counter medication banned guns band all of these chemicals put in all of our drinks and foods start looking into marijuana it is safer than any other drug that y'all have legalized cuz today's cigarettes have over 1000 different chemicals and I am pretty sure the e-cigarette has way more than that

  5. Texas will not legalize marijuana cause there’s to many stupid peaple out here all they gonna do is break in places and steal plus again they are selling Cbd which peaple are getting sick and why cause they are putting bs in it u never hear about peaple getting sick cause of smoking cannibis it’s the state of Texas coming up with all these excuses so that cannibis does not get here

  6. Texas is asleep at the wheel. Old timers need to be voted out. Dan Patrick should be voted out. They do not listen to want the people want. Bad drugs kill. weed does not. Drink, beat wife, smoke kiss wife. Get a petition going to cause a vote to get weed legalized. You start voting these nay sayers out of office and in no time it would be legal. If the Senate is smart they will listen to what the people want which is what they are suppost to do in the first place. The time has come.

  7. HELL BENT Dinosaurs will Die soon what GOD MADE GOOD WILL return Nature will be free again soon Genesis 1 : 29 Endocannabinoid system proof GOD MADE Good my philosophy is leave it better than you found it never give up never surrender and HOLD THE LINE and wait for the sigh and time GOD BLESS

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