Colorado Overturns Marijuana Convictions, Nearly 3,000 People Are Free || #Rodeslav

Colorado Overturns Marijuana Convictions per the Dem. Governor in power. House Bill 1424 gave Gov. Jared Polis the ability to pardon people with convictions …


  1. Yay! GOOD news indeed–whats funny is that I just moved to Colorado yesterday! First time in this beautiful state and the vibes are just SO uplifting, so happy Colorado is righting wrongs of the past, may it continue and may other states catch on!

  2. I guess it's a start. Yes, up to two ounces is another goal. Then keep it going in that direction until they are all out. Also, I hope it is off their record completely. It has ruined lives. Let's get this stuff legalized. I don't use, but that's just a personal decision. I used to do it in college. It's taken a lifetime to finally get to this point.

  3. When I was a young girl all the way up until present day, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE would have EVER disrespected any President of the United States the same way that they have Donald Trump😡

  4. Ya me too i dont wish covid on anyone. That is funny he just could no go the 2 ounces , an ya i guess pardoning for 1 oiunce is better than none. I never was against pot, its only when they treat it with unknown stuff is it hatmful. Anyhow thank you for another day of your channel

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