Closer look at marijuana illness CHS and top medical news of 2016

CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook takes a look at a marijuana-related health illness where diagnosis could be often missed: cannabinoid …


  1. This is real I know first hand I was a heavy smoker of weed about 3-4 blunts a day and it made me so sick you feel like you drying you puke all day long and have bad stomach pain nothing will help it unless you stop I would get sick for 2 weeks at a time the only thing that will help is that you stop all together it sucks I know but it’s not worth getting sick the time

  2. They are poisoning us with our weed Toxicity is reported to cause vomiting, drowsiness, metabolic acidosis, polymorphonuclear leucocytosis, and encephalopathy in children. Azadirachtin is the ingredient implicated in causing the effects seen in neem oil poisoning

  3. Cut out coffee…stop suppressing your appetite…weed stimulant…coffee's cigarettes stimulants. Your starving yourself while building up tons of acids. LEARN TO NEUTRALIZE YOUR STOMACH. Ive lived with this for years numerous hospitalizations , puzzled doctors. . Adapt or quit. This will strip you down bare.. switch to teas…coming from an MMP and an acid reflux patient. So you can only imagine my flare ups.

  4. I have chs omg its horrible and it from medical I tested it its the chemicals they put to make it do what they want. Just grow natural good weed and it does help with a lot they just need to stop doing all this other crap to it.

  5. I have this it's terrible feels like somebody's squeezing your insides, such bad abdominal pain. I keep trying to just smoke a little flower each day but it's coming back.

  6. I’ve been smoking for 2 years without stopping vaping blunt joint carts wax you name it I’ve done it all I use to smoke ounces like nothing now I go through intense pain migraines no vomiting but a lot of head throbbing my first episode I did throw up a lot and had to be sent to the er they told me it was just an upset stomach

  7. I smoked weed every day for the last year. I love weed, and if I saw this video, i would dislike it, so I understand where people are coming from. But I was diagnosed with CHS recently and have experienced the worst pain of my life. This is a very real thing and every stoner should look out for the symptoms and do research.

  8. After watching this video and reading many comments, I'm starting to think a lot differently about my stomach issues. I smoke weed every single day, and I am also a "heavy daily dabber." A little over a year ago, my stomach problems were getting significantly worse. Abdominal cramping, vomiting, diarrhea/constipation, etc. I went to see a Gastroenterologist and they diagnosed me with IBS and prescribed me medication. At the beginning of that time, there was a period there (3 months) that I didn't smoke, and I felt great. I could eat a lot again and actually feel full. I could physically do more without constant pain in my stomach. I thought it was just the medicine making me feel better and I had only quit smoking in order to get a new job. Well I got that job, and started smoking again. This past week I have felt horrible. I vomited for the first few days, my stomach has been constantly cramping, more than it ever had, and I was extremely constipated. I ended up having a CT scan done today, with totally fine results. So that's why I'm now thinking to myself… could I possibly have CHS? I have all the symptoms. My blood work came back normal as well so it's not like I'm in any "mesis" stage yet.

    Do those that have had these symptoms just stop smoking for a while and then get back to it? What do you heavy daily users suggest, for someone like me, that's smokes just about every morning, and every evening? I think for sure though, that I want to quit the dabs.

  9. Of course it's real. It happened to me twice before I realized what it is and that I have to stop.
    CHS will make you feel like you're dying, it can last for weeks, and there is not much you can do once it's triggered. People need to take this seriously and spread the message.

  10. THEY CHANGED THE WEED . This weed is not to be smoked on a daily basis lol this is not a tobacco cigarette modern day weed HITS . Cookies is the most popular strain that Strain didn’t even exists back n the day and it’s produced through incest

  11. I got it, just have a good diet and dont eat at nights. especially dont eat alot of red meat. reduce your marijuana use. dont over smoke. eat your fibers too.

  12. I’m dealing with this right now I’ve had more than 50 baths in the last 2 days the only thing that numbs the pain I’ve lost 1 stone and 7 pounds I didn’t know you could get so Ill though it I was abusing weed everyday for couple of years I will never smoke it again I thought I was dying I think I’m over the worse now

  13. When I notice something wrong in my gut, it's usually what I'm eating. I've smoked pot on and off about 50 (fifty) years. When I suffered 'Depression' often smoking brought on 'anxiety attacks'. I thought they were heart attacks and quit smoking. Then a few drinks would make the same thing happen. I realized I never understood all of the 'manifestations' of depression such as 'anxiety attacks'. Years later I was able to smoke again without panicking. For a year I suffered agonizing stomach convulsions. I felt like the 'Alien' from the movie was trying to jump out from my guts! I could even see it moving! It would 'ease up' then attack again. At the time my diet included a lunchtime sandwich. When I stopped eating it, my pain didn't come. So I LEARNED ALL YEAST MUST BE AVOIDED. It's so hard. NO BREAD, DONUTS, CAKE, CANDY BARS, BEER, PIZZA, PRETZELS, PILLS WITH YEAST, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING WITH YEAST MUST BE ELIMINATED. Then this disease disappears as well. I AM A SURVIVOR! Truly, this is not an alien in your stomach, nor is it merely 'stomach cramps'. Why yeast? 1st it was 'Gluten Free', 'Lactose Free'. Rye bread can be tolerated in small amounts. I Believe GMO's in OUR FOOD CHAIN made BREAD and MILK unsafe by poisoning the Cattle with the poison grains, which poison our milk. The Cattle meat poisons people. The grain is used in bread with yeast. Other Food Warnings: ALLERGIC TO SOY? DO YOU HAVE HAND, STOMACH or LEG CRAMPS after EATING CHINESE or JAPANESE FOOD? It feels like ARTHRITIS SYMPTOMS? THAT'S SOY !!

  14. Dealing with the come down of CHS right now it is a very real thing and have had a couple friends who had to stop smoking for the same reasons it’s not worth the pain trust me I’ve been dealing with it for 6 months and I wouldn’t believe it was the weed that was making me so miserable but after time and time again I know for sure it was and the only way to stop it is to stop smoking completely which I will gladly do

  15. This is very helpful i have been using since 16 I am 20 now and dealing with this process . This enlightens me to be better , it’s true a real syndrome . It’s what makes junkies who can’t stop using 24/7 who give bad name to rec marijuana…. to change its BETTER NOW THEN NEVER. Those who deal with this you’re not alone I’m changing as I type . It all begins in the mind!

  16. I've been a medical and recreational user for many years with no problems… Legally grew my own for personal use. My CHS symptoms started mainly with daily use of edibles. Every morning I would have these terrible nausea/vomiting/dry heave episodes that would come out of nowhere about an hour after waking up. The cyclic nausea/vomiting episodes would last about 30 minutes every morning then go away. I could not figure it out, thought i was dying, cancer, etc. So glad i found out about CHS. I am pro legality so I'm definitely not trying to spread propaganda and the pesticide angle makes sense, but i never used pesticides and still got the same symptoms. It's real for some doesn't mean for all.

  17. i used to smoke 2 gramms of weed everday with my bong for the last 5 years on the first june 2018 i woke up in the morning smoked a few bong heads and went along with my day ( i whas coughing alot during those 5 years) i smoked a nother bong head around 12 ocklock mid day AND ALL OF THE SUDDEN i felt very very dizzy my body startet shaking i had to trhow up my heart whas racing i had panik attacks i went to hospital 2 times in 2 weeks with an ambulanze somthing whas wrong i had no idea whats going on and i stopped smoking weed BUT IT TOOK ME 3 MONTHS to feel normal again!!!… i can smoke cbd weed with less than 0,2 % thc with no problem but i tryed smoking weed a few times since and it gave me always panik attack´s… the only thing that seems to work is stop smoking thc…

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