1. I enjoy these videos. They are well made, to the point and very well narrated. Please keep 'em coming. I have an issue with my headlights – they are not working. I do not think the issue is the fuses, it may be the switch. My Mini is a '92 1275 engine too. Thanks!!

  2. Hi. My classic mini 1968 Morris is overheating and i dont know why! The radiator is full and working, i had to top up the engine oil with about 200ml (half a pint more or less) It is still in the red. it started yesterday. When i stopped at the local gas station i could still touch the head and i could take the radiator cap off without water spewing everywhere. I am going to flush the radiator tonight and check the carburetor dash pots as someone told me the dash pots could also be a reason for overheating ( dont know if ts true ). Can someone please help. I just want to know what is wrong with it or where i should start checking for the problem.

    Thank you for the tutorial.

    Hugo – South Africa

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