Thank you guys for watching!! I hope you enjoyed this unboxing 🙂 Canna Comforts: Instagram: @CannaComforts 1 Gram Flight …

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  1. Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for being a customer and making this video! To answer a couple of questions you mentioned here they are; Does every hemp package need a legal notice? The answer is no. We have our hemp license sticker in all packages, as well as QR code on all products that link directly to the lab reports. The postal service does not randomly inspect packages, and if there were to open on for any reason , all the information they need is right there for them. They only require us as a business to keep these records for 2 years. In addition, we take the steps to insure the packages are smell proof.
    And as far as smell goes….you are correct, the 1 grams are harder to distinguish individual scents. The containers they are in are actual cannabis containers to help preserve the flower. The reason we don't use the glass jars is they are too expensive to ship. Trying to keep it as affordable for the customer as possible. Thanks again and looking forward to your next video!

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