Looking at some articles on legalisation and decriminalisation to see who has done what in which country Donate us if you want to support this community …


  1. It is legal for medical use in the U.K. but is only available with a private prescription meaning only people with money can have it. We don’t want legalisation as that comes with tax it’s decriminalisation we need but it still won’t necessarily be regulated if decriminalised just look at the cbd market and how much crap is out there

  2. If cannabis was legalized now, it would boost our economy so much and help us out this economy slump. I think in the end, capitalism and greed will prevail and it will become government controlled and sold

  3. i don’t like that if you rich you can go see private doc pay 2 g a month get load each month but if you got no money you have go to streets get chance of getting arrested one rule for rich different rule for poor. you looking smart today bro

  4. also to add, im always happier seeing a group of teens smoking an relaxing as i no that if they didnt have cannabis they would almost certainly be drink alcohol and destroying shit

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