Cannabis Gave These Cancer Patients Their Lives Back #Herbheals

Herb attended Cancer Con 2018 to share these stories. Watch as these cancer patients talk their their experience of using cannabis as part of their cancer …


  1. I got Diagnosed with osetosarcoma February 14th and I take so many painkillers a day it's not even a joke. I'm on going chemotherapy and I have no appetite so I wanna try smoking weed again and see if it helps me get through this unbelievable journey.

  2. This video shows nothing new.we know cannabis helps with cancer systems.doesnt do shit for pain tho..what most of us want to know.does cannabis kill cancer.what strains work best.

  3. Does anyone know what strain is good for bone cancer? Anything that won't make me over think. I find all I can think about is my cancer when I get high. I've heard there is a strain for anxiety. Any suggestions?

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