Cannabis Garden Tour – Week 5 & 6 Flower | Nutrient Burn Cannabis | Marijuana Garden Tour

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  1. I have a question inside of week 4 day day 28 flowering , even know its outdated video content. My names realthor89 on IG , I happen to feel like the emerald harvest nutrients line was feeding too much to the cultivars inside rockwool unislabs with run off abilty. I decided to use a flushing agent with microbes to help strip the rockwool a bit (cycoklense) and at 5ml per gallon . PH to 5.7 feed intill run off and discard run off not leaving the rockwool submerged at all but saturated , like I typicaly do with the feed every two or three days . I did the flushing , intending to try to make the plant diet a bit on exudates and microbes for two days before ill start feeding 30% less than Ive typicaly done to even the EC playing field inside the rockwool and level the cultivars back out. Is this correctly done , or is this stressful ?

  2. I love this format. Short (under 10minutes) and gets to the point. please do more grow series explaining the set up, what was done, problems/solutions, improvements and variables to control for healthy production. 🙂 keep up the great work

  3. This is exactly why I prefer soil. Hydro is too testy. Not to say this can't happen in soil, but it's harder to f up if you know what you're doing. You guys know what you're doing and you still get all these build ups. It's just hard to gauge with hydro, especially with different strains.

  4. Thank you for the video first of all! I have a question regarding the red fan leaf stems. I'm having the same problem. I do not know if this is normal or even a bad thing. On my babies they have only turned rest on the top leaf stems. From just a little bit of research Im thinking maybe a magnesium deficiency?

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