Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Canada Battles Over Marijuana Legalization on All Fronts

POT TV – Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE every Friday at 4PM PT. Today on the show: Canada Battles Over Marijuana Legalization on All Fronts! www.Pot.


  1. shows are always 100% awesome jer…be nice when the childish bullshit you tube suspension is over….thanks again brother shows are full of information and some well needed humour which goes a long way for some of us…

  2. I can't wait for reality to smack our politicians in the face when Canadians can finally grow our own legally without jumping through hoops. They don't understand their target clientele if they honestly think we want legalisation so we can buy irradiated industrial hemp from a government-run store.

  3. have you guys ever tried to mirror your grow room walls, floors and ceilings to create an outdoor type 360 degree lighting for an indoor grow ? you know giant outdoor sized pots and higher ceilings for taller plants with greater yields.What would happen if you added carbon dioxide and other elements or maybe electrical frequencies to perfect the grow room atmospheres ? ionic air filterers? i love your crew and show whats up J.B.!!!

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