Cannabis 101 Week 5 Flower No Scrog Series Growing Cannabis with LEDs

Cannabis 101 Week 5 Flower No Scrog Series Growing Cannabis with LEDs Today we are checking in on our No Scrog Grow. The White Widows are in week 5 …


  1. Im on week 7-8 of flowering on my one and only outdoor plant and she does have some good size nugs but also has sone super tiny one . im waiting 1-2 more weeks to see if they grow a lil more

  2. Hey.. Would you mind making a video explaining the first week for caring for seedlings in explicit detail? I know you explained it in other videos, but I want to see Day 1 , Day , 2 , Day 3 , Day 4 , Day 5 , Day 6 , Day 7.. I know you they don't usually get tended to for at least a few days .. but this is an important step that need explanation. The step of waiting. And you have to show each day and even show that you don't water them.. Just talk over video.

  3. I had talked about this on a growing page on Facebook yesterday. What do you think about a mother plan with three or four strains grafted on her. I live in a legal state. I can only have six plants. I'm really not trying to continue to run every grow seed after seed. I would love to house a mother where I can pick three or four different strains of clones off of when needed. Could you maybe do a series like that in the future? Creating the mother plant? Seems like it would be really cool and I haven't seen anything about it on YouTube

  4. Caaaalmaaaaa, getting mine today, first batch of callmag to get the purple tint ish from the stems gone 🙂
    You are a hero GT !
    I suggest people come to the patreon discord, its awesome!

  5. Great video bro cant wait for the new contest. The trees look great as always. An when you get a code thats when ill order an ac infinity.. Keep up the great work stay safe an always stay frosty.

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