1. This is not a joke ive had it very bad to the point where i was heavily vomiting every day for 4 months until i quit this is no way to live i thought it helped me but it was the cause. If you have symptoms quit you need too.

  2. Thank you for this detailed explanation I have been suffering from CHS for 5 years now and only became aware to this after my wife read an article a few months ago which described all of my symptoms but what really got me was when it spoke about hot water being the only relief, even if it is just for a short while, also living in Spain I believe it's even less known here and over the last few months that I have been hospitalised I have found my self teaching the doctors that treat me about this illness although they don't seem to take much notice of what I say. I hate the fact that I can't smoke any more but CHS is no joke.

  3. I was prescribed the horrid drug Marinol. When I had the whole plant or what I call “clean weed” I was never sick! I feel-like I am drying. I am losing weight and lost 13 lbs in 3 days and still,losing and vomiting with severe committing.just talked to marijuana clinic and they sent me to mais cajun pharmacist and he says that they are working on new kinds. I just wish I had this botanist that gave me clean weed, and it was legal where I tried it and it worked.! This is nothing like clean weed. I am so fashay (angry) Zane very sick. It feels like the worst type of Heroin withdrawals. I am nit an addict I have chronic pain and was prescribed this.

  4. Is it normal to feel like vomiting when smelling food??? I’m a frequent smoker of weed & I have been for about 3 years. Weed has helped me with dealing with my appetite since I sometimes feel the need to throw up whenever I smell food such as eggs. I stopped smoking for about 3 days and during these days I’m always feeling gassy and airy & only feel like liquids are doing the job. I am eating but just small amounts. Pls help. ):

  5. I had all these symptoms before smoking weed , weed helped me with my nausea appetite and stomach pain, I was diagnosed with chrohns , I almost lost my leg from the side effects of remicade , marijuana is the only thing that helped me

  6. I’ve smoke a lot 3 and a half grams a day and it did make me sick I had to go to the ER for IVs and nothing would help but to stop smoking get the THC out of your system if you still want to smoke I would say just smoke about 2 times a month

  7. I used to smoke weed very rarely before covid. During quarrentine I heavily smoked weed for 3-4 months. Never believe the rumors that "Weed is harmless". The CHS is really a serious illness. I lost so much weight due to loss of appetite and I was drinking electrolytes for 2 days. I haven't smoke since then because my weed was finished. " WEED IS ADDICTIVE". I feel sleepless although my eyes are tired, I feel anxious and my chest burns. I think I will quit smoking marijuana now.

  8. I just want to be one to give my story. I’ve been in and out the hospital getting corona tested, being told I have a stomache virus but no bugs found, my blood work comes back 100% good and I’ve been through multiple ct scans and untra sounds and they found nothing. I decided to do my own research and found CHS. I had to inform the hospital about it to be finally diagnosed. No medications help and hot showers do. I found the drug capsaicin and it reflects the hot feeling from a shower head and I rub that on my stomache to avoid taking multiple relieving showers every day. I’ve been referred to see a GI stomache doctor for which their appointment line is backed up for a couple weeks. So I’m left to just suffer, suck it up, and pay all these hospital bills. The pain is definitely taking a toll on me and I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I pray every night this could just end already but I’m still going through it as I continue to educate myself with these videos trying to find a sense of relief rather than wanting to rip my hair out my head from the pain. It’s been over 2 weeks now.

  9. I have never heard of the syndrome and I have good ears . It seems rare to me because of the observation I made . The people in my neck of the woods smoke more pot here than any place on earth. Almost all my friends are pot heads too and none of them have it . It is real but also rare .

  10. Your guys need to pay attention to what this man is saying,
    I've been suffering from that since the beginning of this year I have been at the hospital so far four times so far no doctor can't tell me what was wrong with me the only way I find out about this is because I'm a YouTube freak and I'm always searching for answers,
    I'm the one who told my doctor about my problem which they have been telling me that I had coronavirus four times I came negative from the coronavirus Still no doctor can't tell me what was wrong with me. So my advice to your guys is if you smoke a joint or a blunt and you start getting headaches like migraine headache that's just the beginning of the problem it just get worse as you go I started with migraine headaches and some funny tingling in my body Since I didn't know what the hell was wrong with me I just keep on smoking.
    Well two weeks later I end up at the hospital with some serious stomach problem puking really bad and if that was the only thing that will happen I guess it will be okay.
    My biggest problem is when I start shaking for 13 -14 hours straight Non-Stop sweating cold chills. I'm going to tell you what if you don't believe in Jesus this will make you believe in God or ask him for his help my stomach pain been ridiculous you will not be able to control your body from shaking.
    Today I went to the hospital and told them hey listen this is my problem guess what there's nothing they can give you, You just need to put the freaking weed down and don't smoke no more no mas!
    I found out about people who already die over this I've been a smoker since
    I was 13 years old I think in my whole entire life I probably smoke about 6,000 lbs or maybe more
    Just like everything in life anything that you overdo sooner or later it will cut up to you and here's the problem because I never used to have any problem smoking weed. But since now weed is legal and you can get weed anywhere.
    it's not like back in the days that your homie doesn't have weed for a whole week and you don't have no choice but not to smoke for the whole week.
    Now that the weed is right in front of you you don't get a chance to detox all those toxic out of your body andnd since we always think we are Superman.
    Well it doesn't turn out like that you will end up dying from this. As of today I'm done smoking weed and I've been smoking weed since the '70s
    It's pretty messed up they don't have no cure for this but if you want to see your kids grow, F the weed man it's not worth it.
    I hope this video gets far and people will notice their symptoms before they end up dead 🙏

  11. I dont know if anyone can help me. So my symptoms: vomitting usually when i wake up (but i only throw up the one time and usually it's just clear bile because I havent been able to eat that much), zero appetite, constantly nauseas, BAD poops (not to be graphic -diaherra in the beginning; always kinda yellow), dehydrated, dizzy, bizarre loss of patch of eyebrow hair. And the symptoms are daily occurring for the past 3 or 4 months. I had just started smoking marijuana the past two years and didnt become a daily smoker until quarantine. Endoscopy and CT scan showed nothing. However, I dont experience relief from hot showers it makes me feel worse. My gastro thinks i have gastroparesis but I was physically unable to complete the stomach emptying test because I couldnt eat the food because I was too nauseas. Gastroparesis is a problem with food digestion. Ive vomitted up food from hours after eating it. Like i ate at 4pm and threw it up the next morning at 11am. The food should have fully digested by then, no? Or is it CHS? Im so confused and need answers. I would love any advice.

  12. Very helpful information! I have a question about the recovery process, as you suggested it can be months before feeling relief. I luckily have not taken that long to recover before, but the more I use, I assume the more prone I am to a longer recovery time? Also I may have missed it, but is there an explanation why burning hot water relieves the pain? Like I can say I could I could bare the hottest water to my stomach during recovery stages, but how can my body just handle water temp to its peak, and feel comfort from it?

  13. If any ER medical folks are reading this. Please try to show a little compassion. I know times are very stressful. No one suffering from this should be treated like a junkie and/or loser.

  14. Another long night. The Capsacin patch seems to help a little. Also, fresh ginger tea and a peppermint under the tongue. Wish I had a magic fix for everyone suffering. Also, try music. It makes me feel less alone. And, no one should go through this alone.

  15. Thanks for the detailed report! I was just diagnosed with CHS by an alert ER PA. My symptoms were mystifying. I'm having vomiting episodes almost every night around 4 am. No emetic drugs help. However, I've gotten some relief from anti-nausea wristbands and Benadryl. Hot showers don't help. Also, I've lost 40 pounds. However, I do not recommend this for weight loss. 🙂 It's pure torture!

  16. I've been having stomach issues for 3 years. Stsrted a year after I smoked pot. Nothing has come up on a scope and it did get better when I quit pot for a week. However, it doesn't come and go in spurts. I'm having a hard time eating due to nausea. A few bites in and I can't eat anymore. Can someone tell me if this is all symptoms? How do you officially get diagnosed?

  17. Its probably caused by the chemical fertalizers & other poisons they use on weed & dont flush the plants for the last month of growth. I would be interested to see if people who smoke totally organic weed have this problem.

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