Can Legalizing Weed Fight Racism? | Decoded | MTV

The war on weed has been a disaster for everyone, but it’s been especially harmful for people of color. Why? Because even though white people and black …


  1. So why are you anti-Trump if he's pro-legalization? Reminder Obama reignited the war on drugs by raiding legal medical dispensaries, you're a hypocrite

  2. Translated: Let us get away with crimes or you’re racist!

    I actually agree that weed should be legalized, but not in excessive amounts. And I would like to see where your statistic comes from.

  3. Wow! This is horrible woman is such a racist bigoted pig! I can’t believe she is allowed to Post this on any social media site. She should be banned! I find her Comments highly offensive! I would like to start a campaign to get her off the Internet! It is clear she has such hatred toward white people because she is so unbelievably jealous.She is offensive, and speaks hate speech. God I can’t stand the sound of her voice!

  4. Arrests and jail for weed are primarily dealers. Simple possession is a very minor offense, and even legal some places. The arrest disproportion has to do with who is dealing it.

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