Can CBD Make You Fail a Drug Screen? How To Detoxify Your Body From Cannabis?

In this video we continue the CBD education and look at considerations of taking CBD and drug screens. We dive in to the process of drug screens as well as …


  1. Thank you Doctor Jack for sharing another great video! This is one of my most popular questions as I share about CBD with others! So happy to learn more about it! The drug screening process was especially informative since I didn’t know anything about it! Sharing this on my personal page and my Healthy and Hempy CBD with Tracy page! 🌱

    Another question I get asked a lot is does our body get used to the CBD oil and then need more to feel the benefits.
    I usually tell people that there is a therapeutic range where we feel the greatest benefits and our body won’t need more, unlike a prescription drug. Not sure if I’m on the right track with this or not?

    I look forward to your next video and sharing it with my network so they can learn more along with me!

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