California Marijuana Producers Face Cannabis Tax Shortfall

Recreational marijuana has been legal for years but, for the state, tax revenue is once again short of projections. Wilson Walker follows the money. (9-27-19)


  1. You know why that is? I dont know if i should let the cat out of the box bu screw it. I know as a fact that the Californian state government is mass producing indoor weed in massive warehouses 3 times a year and tax dollars is being used to fund it. They are using 7 or more types of chemicals as plant food. Oh , and the messed up thing about it is that the irrigation timers they use cost us $25000 each. Of course no timer would cost that much if it was made out of solid gold but they are scamming the tax payers. I would sure want to find out what are they doing with the profits and who is "them" in the government. If i end up suicided , i didnt do it.

  2. Reason is how can u charge more for less quality when on the black market get quality for less or the same price.. Throw in a half gram to a 10 g.. Watch your client get all happy and return..

  3. I am feeling so betrayed, i follow the marijuana legalisation story in the USA right from the start. I cheered for every victory and mourned every defeat for our american brothers. Act is a state in australia that legalised recreational cannabis last week. Can you Yankees please acknowledge this , can i have a pat on the back or a "good onya son".

  4. That's what msssed up Humboldt county in the 1st place. They taxed them to the point of having to quit, then the crime set in and police abandoned them to kill each other out. Survival of the fittest. All to steal the money the growers spent and earned

  5. Of course it is. They were too greedy and as usual thought they could dip into our pockets through cannabis sales. Here, let me clue in these pathetic loser Democrats running my state. WE BUY JUST LIKE WE DID BEFORE, FROM FRIENDS AND ON THE STREET.
    29% !!! LOLOLOLOLOL what greedy thieving scumbag told you people would pay that?!? SCREW YOU DEMOCRATS.. YOU DONT EVEN USE THOSE TAXES FOR ANYTHING USEFUL. BUH BYE…

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