Bunnies Used To Fight Against Marijuana Legalization

“Where would this country be if Peter Cottontail got cottonmouth? Matt Fairbanks, an agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration’s “marijuana eradication” …


  1. LOL,… My bunny got into my medicinal marijuana, I had put about a gram just lose in a small plastic bag in my breadbox. She got into it and ate about a 1/4 of a gram,… after "Binky-ing"(Bunny owners will know what I mean), for about 25 minutes and having fun chasing the dog around the house to the point that the dog was hiding behind my legs, she had the best sleep of her life. That evening she was back to normal and up on the cupboard digging at the breadbox lookin' for more,… : )

  2. FACTS : Didn't  Nixon an impeached criminal president invent the DEA because Hippy protestors were protesting his criminal war in Vietnam  and he had no legal means to stop them from exercising  their constitutional rights ? So he illegally criminalized drugs on a Federal level to have power over them so they could be legally arrested at protest marches ….Amazing
    Not to mention rabbits are considered a pestilence like locusts by all farmers

  3. I like how these dumbass conservatives always say the people who use cannabis just "sit around all day getting high and fat and accomplish nothing."  

  4. Facts and science huh? All they need to do is look in places around the world where weed is legal and see how the rabbits are doing – No one has ever reported rabbits having trouble due to weed growing, so the DEA agent is all about LIES.

  5. Lol they are pests in our country (Australia). And doesn't THC need to be somewhat "cooked" to take effect? I don't care whether or not it's legalized but this is a stupid argument.

  6. I see this, as not a problem. This will make it easier for Bunny hunters to harvest there catch. The problem we have is with DEA agents. Which are going to such lengths IE. "BS" tactics to get some sort of grounds to maintain the band on marijuana. I would also wonder what level of education and credence gives this DEA agent the authority to talk on the environmental aspects of the impact on Bunnies becoming complacent after ingesting a manufactured products of marijuana. I would like to see the Environmental Impacted Study and trails this DEA Officer setup an ran to be able to even justify the Officer to have the authority and technical studies to back up what he is trying to testify on in a court of law / or Senate Hearings. 

  7. What are these people talking about rabbits naturally eat marijuana when they find it in the forest remember naturally  it's just We just tried to eradicate it from the eco system for so long we just don't see it to often. New idea instead of police dogs we can use police bunnies to find, and ruin marijuana growers crops.

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