1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I wish I had known about this back in 2012 when we heard my dad has Stage 3 Colone cancer…He passed in January 2014 before I had gotten anywhere in alternative medicine, because I have no trust what so ever anymore in the traditional medicine world. Too many lies I heard while following my dad's treatments and his complaints were only getting worse per treatment. I'm now trying to help out my Godmother who is fighting for 3 years now to keep her life in hands. I have forwarded her your video and all info I could find in Europe (I'm from Europe) so I hope she will fare better then my poor beloved father. Praise you to stay vocal and to share, trying to help people in need.

  2. I love to here these stories of kind people curing them self's with this wonderful plant that has been stolen from the people for over 100 years and all because of some shit tards in government taking money to pad there own pockets and fuck the people that helped them get into there shit hole job to began with. God please safe us from are own government that is the biggest terrorist's on the planet. I fear no Plant, smoker for life.. Grow your FREEDOM

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