1. Wow that looks amazing!!! you're talented. I had a look at real guerilla seeds, if you could only choose 4 strains, 2 autos, 2 photos that are low odour (stealth!), good mould resitance, and ideally a good potency and yield (although low odour and mould resistance is most important) what would you recommend? Thanks.

  2. Heeeey i was wondering when do you harvest these plants? I want to start growing outdoor too but dont really know the cycle … so u probbaly plant in april/may and when do u harvest ? Mid oct?

  3. Brilliant, just amazing and a great run you been doin since early summer. I am right next door, as in an ocean apart lol. took mine inside 2 gelatos . From my last few weeks walking my dog i am spotting corners measuring continued sunlight and autumn colours on ferns elders etc so i can do this with autos next year. From my research on youtube , try to leave a few main colas until a lot of leaves turn yellow as it seems about a week away for perfect harvest. Again, amazing videos, amazing work and keep diaries because you will be in line for giving lectures and videos when Britain has it legal.

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